Saturday, September 13, 2008

ISI Mailbox

Here are some highlights from a letter written to Chris Arnzen, host of Iron Sharpens Iron:

Dear Brother Chris,

It's hard to believe it's already been two years for ISI. What a tremendous blessing your daily show has been for myself and so many others. I'm almost never able to listen live, so I download the mp3 for later and I have never once been disappointed in the topics, the questions, the way the guests are treated, and even the callers questions. Quite the contrary, it's always a blessing, I almost always learn something I did not know before, and have often been inspired to dig a little deeper into certain topics as a resultof your show's topic for the day. Count me among one of the many who are truly blessed by what you do. I only hope there are many more years to come, of ISI! Happy two years, brother.

SDG, Carla
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Dear Sister Carla,

THANK YOU so very, very much for lifting up my spirits with your wonderful congratulatory words regarding the 2nd anniversary of broadcasting for "Iron Sharpens Iron". I read your very moving email on the air the day after receiving it. Please continue to pray that I can acquire enough advertising sponsors in order to keep the program on the air for a 3rd year. As you know, the program cannot remain on the air without advertising support. Please also keep spreading the word about the program up there in Canada! I truly thank our Sovereign God for your encouragement! It has touched my heart more than you can possibly know.Grace & peace, sister!

In His grip,

Chris Arnzen

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