Friday, September 12, 2008

PETER FEUERHERD & PETE SHEEHAN: "HOLYLAND U.S.A.: A Catholic Ride Through America's Evangelical Landscape"

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PETER FEUERHERD, the Editor of "American Catholic" and a widely respected Catholic journalist, and PETE SHEEHAN, Senior Reporter for "The Long Island Catholic" newspaper, will address the theme of Feuerherd's book "HOLYLAND U.S.A.: A Catholic Ride Through America's Evangelical Landscape," winner of five Catholic Press Awards.

As the host of "Iron Sharpens Iron", and as an Evangelical from the Reformed Baptist tradition, I believe it is very healthy and valuable to hear how those outside of Evangelical Christianity view the faith demonstrated by those who do profess to be heirs of the Protestant Reformation today. During this broadcast we will get a glimpse of Evangelicalism as seen through the lens of two Roman Catholic ecumenists.

Here is a description of Peter Feuerherd's book "Holyland USA" from Publishers Weekly:

"A little more than 40 years ago, many Protestants in the U.S. thought that a Catholic in the White House was a sign of the Apocalypse. Now, Catholics and Protestants often find themselves on the same side of political and social battle lines. 'The barriers are breaking down,' writes award-winning religion journalist Feuerherd, a self-described 'liberal New Yorker' who investigates the evangelical Protestant movement in the U.S. Feuerherd begins his exploration at the Holy Land theme park in Orlando, Fla., which boasts a replica of the ancient city of Jerusalem and tour guides who proselytize visitors. Feuerherd also writes about his time at the Protestant-run American Bible Society in New York, where he worked as an editor, and investigates the Willow Creek megachurch in suburban Chicago. He is not afraid to levy criticisms against some intolerant evangelicals, but he never does so at arm's length—he inserts himself into the evangelical world and one can sense his appreciation growing. His daughter's recent decision to forgo Catholicism and attend an evangelical church presents Feuerherd with a new perspective on evangelical hospitality that he generously shares with the reader. Feuerherd's writing style is light and often humorous, which helps defuse many of the Catholic/evangelical tensions he encounters."

During this discussion, an attempt will be made to contrast the ecumenism of the two Catholic guests with the non-ecumenical stance the host of this program takes regarding relations between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics in matters of spirituality, evangelism and worship.

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