Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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JAMES SWAN, who is involved in teaching ministry at the Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church in New Jersey, will address "MARTIN LUTHER: FACTS AND FICTION."James will address the indulgence controversy, the historical understanding of sola fide in church history, and other facts and fiction surrounding Luther's life.

James is also a member of "Team Apologian", contributing articles to the blog on the web site of renowned Bible scholar Dr. James R. White's Alpha and Omega Ministries , contributes Reformation articles for Christian apologist Dr. Eric Svendsen's New Testament Research Ministries' website, and has had articles published in the Reformed periodical, The Outlook . He also runs his own daily blog, Beggars All: Reformation and Apologetics , dedicated to historical and Biblical research on the Protestant Reformation.

Monday, October 29, 2007

DR. ASHLEY NULL: "Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation"

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DR. ASHLEY NULL, author of Thomas Cranmer's Doctrine of Repentance — Renewing the Power to Love , & REV. JACOB SMITH of Calvary/Saint George's Parish in New York City, will address the theme: "THOMAS CRANMER & THE ENGLISH REFORMATION" .

Dr. Null, an orthodox, Protestant Anglican and adherent of historic, Reformational Theology, is canon theologian for the Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas, visiting fellow at Cambridge, visiting research fellow at Humboldt-Universitat in Berlin, and recent recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. He received his MDiv from Yale Divinity School and a PhD from Cambridge. As one of the world's foremost experts on Thomas Cranmer, Dr. Null is a well-known speaker and writer. He also has a long history as a chaplain to elite athletes, most recently serving as the resident Protestant Chaplain in the Olympic Village during the Athens 2004 Games.

Friday, October 26, 2007


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This week featuring:

PASTOR MARC GRIMALDI of Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Long Island, Merrick, NY

PASTOR RANDY PIZZINO of Trinity Church, Roanoke, VA

PASTORS JOHN FLEISCHMAN of Christ Lutheran Church in East Moriches, Long Island, NY

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

DANIEL RAHA: "Testimony of a Former Muslim"

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DANIEL RAHA, a former Muslim who endured torture, confusion and fear as a political prisoner in Tehran's (Iran's) notorious Elvin Prison.

With hands and feet bound, Raha and two other men accused of subversive acts against the Iranian government were lead to their death. The rope slipped over Raha's neck. “NOW!” someone shouted. Raha held his breath. He heard the other prisoners struggling against the noose as their chairs were kicked out from beneath their feet... Again, he waited ... nothing. There was only the faint sound of something stirring beside him. He called out, but no one answered. Soon there was the shuffle of boots. “Bring him down,” commanded a familiar voice. The rope was removed, and Raha was released with the warning that if he ever spoke of what happened to him, he would suffer the same fate as the dead men next to him.

God's Sovereign plan did not end there for Daniel Raha, who eventually made his way here to the United States and discovered and embraced the true Gospel and the true Christ of the Holy Scriptures! Daniel Raha (a pseudonym he uses to protect loved ones still in Iran) did not listen to the threats of his torturers in Elvin Prison to remain silent or die. Instead, he wrote the book 54 A Season of Uncertainty, the story of his torture, survival, and his spiritual discovery (see this link)!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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WILLIAM NORMAN GRIGG, former Senior Editor of The New American Magazine, and former Mormon High Priest who converted to Evangelical Christianity, will address the theme of his highly controversial book FREEDOM ON THE ALTAR: THE U.N.'s CRUSADE AGAINST GOD & FAMILY (see this link for book details).

In this book, Mr. Grigg seeks to alert Americans to the universal socialist nightmare being planned for the not-too-distant future. This future, the author shows, is one of ruthless brutality and of "killing fields" on a global scale, all under the patronage of the infamous United Nations. Anyone who doubts this is invited to review the record. The author cites, among other examples, the pillage of Katanga by UN thugs in 1961, the use of impoverished children for sex by UN occupation soldiers in Mozambique, and the recent massacre of Somalians by the Pakistani UN contingent. Violence has been the hallmark of the UN, not peace and stability.

Monday, October 22, 2007


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STEVE CAMP, Grammy Award winning song writer, Christian recording artist, theologically Reformed apologist, controversial Christian blogger and founder of audienceONE Ministries will address "THE IDOLATRY OF SELF LOVE: The Rot of Religion".

As Steve accurately puts it, "Self has always been the most destructive and dominating plague to hinder true Christianity. Self-love (self-righteous pride) is the cancer of the church and sadly, much the hallmark of modern faith. An unfortunate example of this would be Robert Shuller's toxic tome, Self...The New Reformation which represents much of this move away from biblical Christianity (towards the focus on self) and, therefore, away from the worship and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and sacrificial service to others. The two great commandments of 'Love the Lord Thy God' and 'love thy neighbor...' has now been eclipsed with this third hell-inspired commandment: 'love thyself.' "

During this interview, Steve will draw heavily from the thoughts of the 17th century English Puritan minister Richard Alleine, as found in Pastor Alleine's work Instructions About Heartwork .

Friday, October 19, 2007


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This week featuring:

PASTOR MEINT PLOEGMAN of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Bohemia, Long Island, NY

PASTOR RICHARD JONES of Grace Lutheran Church, Mastic Beach, Long Island, NY

PASTORS GEOFF VOLKER & STEVE LEHRER of New Covenant Bible Fellowship in Tempe, AZ

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


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GEOFF VOLKER & STEVE LEHRER, co-pastors of New Covenant Bible Fellowship in Tempe, AZ , will address the theme "THE LAW OF CHRIST", which is one of the topics to be addressed at the Bible Conference they are conducting at First Baptist Church in Lindenhurst, Long Island this weekend titled: "New Covenant Theology". Geoff & Steve are also the co-founders of In-Depth Studies , where Goeff is Director & Steve is Biblical Counselor.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LATAYNE C. SCOTT: "Why I Will Not Return To The Mormon Church"

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LATAYNE C. SCOTT, a Mormon convert to Evangelical Christianity and author of 13 published books, including her soon-to-be-reprinted classic THE MORMON MIRAGE (see her website), will address the theme "Why I Will Not Return To The Mormon Church." Latayne is also the recipient of the Distinguished Christian Service Award by Pepperdine University for "Creative Christian Writing". She has a Ph.D. in theology from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, NM, where she is the chair of the Department of Biblical Representational Research. She is also the University's Author in Residence.

Monday, October 15, 2007

DAVID KUPELIAN: "SABOTAGING OUR SCHOOLS: How Radicals Have Hijacked America's Education System"

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DAVID KUPELIAN, vice president and managing editor of WorldNetDaily.com and Whistleblower magazine, returns to our program for the 4th time to address the theme: "SABOTAGING OUR SCHOOLS: How Radicals Have Hijacked America's Education System", which is Chapter 7 of his provocative and extremely valuable, best-selling book THE MARKETING OF EVIL: How Radicals, Elitists, & Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom (see this link ).

PASTOR CLAUDE STAUFFER of Calvary Chapel of Hope in North Amityville, Long Island, NY , will cohost this interview with me once again.

Americans have come to tolerate, embrace and even champion many things that would have horrified their parents' generation – from easy divorce and unrestricted abortion-on-demand to extreme body piercing and teaching homosexuality to grade-schoolers. Does that mean today's Americans are inherently more morally confused and depraved than previous generations? Of course not, says veteran journalist David Kupelian. But they have fallen victim to some of the most stunningly brilliant and compelling marketing campaigns in modern history. The Marketing of Evil reveals how much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped and sold to them as though it had great value. Highly skilled marketers, playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity and tolerance, have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which all previous generations since America’s founding regarded as grossly self-destructive – in a word, evil. In this groundbreaking and meticulously researched book, Kupelian peels back the veil of marketing-induced deception to reveal exactly when, where, how, and especially why Americans bought into the lies that now threaten the future of the country.

Friday, October 12, 2007


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this week featuring:

PASTOR GARY GEORGE of Sovereign Grace Chapel, Southbridge, Massachusetts

PASTOR DAVID ANGLIN of Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Amityville, Long Island, NY

PASTOR BRUCE BENNETT of Grace Gospel Church, Patchogue, Long Island, NY

PASTOR JIM CAPO of the Massapequa Church of God, Massapequa, Long Island, NY

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Thursday, October 11, 2007


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DR. RICHARD GAFFIN, Charles Krahe Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology and coordinator of the Systematic Theology Department at Westminster Theological Seminary , will address the theme "DELIGHTING IN GOD'S LAW".

A phrase such as this may seem oxymoronic, or perhaps even noxious and odious to the mind of a typical Modern Evangelical, but Dr. Gaffin will seek to prove that delighting in God's Law should be a central endeavor in the life of every true believer, and should be considered a joyous privilege & blessing to every saint.

Dr. Gaffin is a graduate of Calvin College (B.A., 1958) and Westminster (B.D., 1961; Th.M., 1962; Th.D., 1969). An ordained teaching elder of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, he is also the author of several books, including The Centrality of the Resurrection , Perspectives on Pentecost and most recently, By Faith, Not By Sight: Paul and the Order of Salvation . He has taught at Westminster since 1965. "DELIGHTING IN GOD'S LAW" is also the theme of a conference cruise that Dr. Gaffin will be conducting with Sovereign Christian Cruises this February (click here for details).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

EDWARD KUHLMAN: "Coming To a State of Peace With the Will of God "

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EDWARD KUHLMAN, a professor at Messiah College in Grantham, PA, for over 30 years (now retired) and author of AN OVERWHELMING INTERFERENCE, will discuss how he came to a state of peace with the will of God after witnessing the agonizing death of his 16-year-old son Keith, a victim of cancer. You don't want to miss this heart-wrenching account of God's grace in the midst of a horrific tragedy.

This is Ed's third interview on "Iron Sharpens Iron" relating this very moving, intimately personal story of losing his only son and the merciful Savior who continues to sustain the Kuhlman family, and I knew I just had to invite Ed back to tell it again. Two programs did not provide nearly enough time to adequately address this subject.

Friday, October 5, 2007


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This week featuring:

West Sayville Reformed Bible Church
West Sayville, NY

Seaford United Methodist Church
Seaford, NY

Calvary-Saint George's Parish (Episcopal)
New York, NY

Thursday, October 4, 2007


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STEVEN J. LAWSON, the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, will address the theme of his highly acclaimed work on a greatly misunderstood figure, THE EXPOSITORY GENIUS OF JOHN CALVIN (click here for more info). As Pastor Lawson said in his own words, “The aim of this book is to raise the bar for a new generation of expositors.”

As MonergismBooks.com describes this work,

"Looking to the past for outstanding Bible-based, Christ-centered, and life-changing preaching, Dr. Steven J. Lawson focuses on sixteenth-century Geneva, Switzerland. It was there that John Calvin ministered for decades as a faithful shepherd to a flock of believers. Here is an intimate portrait of Calvin the preacher—the core beliefs that determined his preaching style, the steps he took to prepare to preach, and the techniques he used in handling the Word of God, interpreting it, and applying it to his congregation. In the pulpit ministry of the great Reformer, Dr. Lawson finds inspiration and guidance for today’s church and calls on modern pastors to follow the Reformer’s example of strong expository preaching."

Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas, Professor of systematic and practical theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi, said of Lawson's book:

“An infectious appreciation of the preaching of John Calvin from the pen of Steven Lawson. No one reading this volume can fail to appreciate the debt we owe to the Genevan Reformer. Lawson has consulted the best of current scholarship and has produced a comprehensive distillation of the contours of the Reformer’s preaching and, with it, a compelling advocacy of consecutive expository preaching. A magnificent achievement.”

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

STEVE CAMP: "THE ORDO SALUTIS: the Biblical Sequence of Stages Involved in Salvation (& How Their Order Effects Evangelism)"

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STEVE CAMP, Grammy Award winning song writer, Christian recording artist, theologically Reformed apologist, controversial Christian blogger and founder of audienceONE Ministries (see http://www.a1m.org/) will address one of the most highly debated themes within Christendom for nearly two millennia, "THE ORDO SALUTIS: the Biblical Sequence of Stages Involved in Salvation (& How Their Order Effects Evangelism)". Many if not most within Modern Evangelicalism believe that faith precedes the new birth, or regeneration. Steve Camp, however, being a believer in the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace, will seek to prove that those who teach this have unwittingly reversed God's ordained order for the salvation of lost men, and that the order is vitally important in evangelism when attempting to accurately convey the deadness & impotence of lost men in their sin, the unlimited power of an almighty & sovereign God, and the glorious & amazing gift that salvation--in its totality--truly is (including the gift of faith itself).

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


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JERRY & FERN HILL, co-founders of Timothy Hill Children's Ranch in Riverhead, Long Island, NY (see this link) will address the theme "TRIUMPH IN THE MIDST OF TRAGEDY". I urge you to listen to this interview with the Hills as they share their heart-wrenching story of the death of their first born child Timothy who was ushered into the arms of the Lord on May 11,1972, after being hit by a truck while riding his bicycle to school at the age of 13, and how God used this horrific tragedy to give birth to a home for orphaned, abused and abandoned children. Over the the past 27 years, Timothy Hill Children's Ranch has become a beacon of light to hundreds of children and families in crisis. The Ranch family is committed to modeling the life of Jesus Christ by loving, nurturing and serving children and families while, providing safety and hope within a residential setting. Several alumni, now adults, often return with their own families to share how they were helped through a time of hopelessness... And how a young boy named Timothy Hill had a dream about them.

Monday, October 1, 2007


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WILLIAM NORMAN GRIGG, former Mormon High Priest who converted to Evangelical Christianity, former Senior Editor of The New American magazine and the author of such controversial books as Freedom On The Altar: The UN's Crusade Against God & Family , Global Gun Grab: The UN's Campaign to Disarm Americans and The Gospel of Revolt: Feminism vs. the Family will unveil some of the secrets behind one of the oldest student secret societies in the United States: "THE ORDER OF SKULL & BONES" (formerly known as "The Brotherhood of Death"). This strange, Masonic-like society, based at Yale University in New Haven, CT, has been cloaked in secrecy since its founding in 1832. Members have surprisingly included both those identified as political "conservatives" such as Republican President George W. Bush and political "liberals" such as Democratic Senator John Kerry. When both men were interviewed separately by Tim Russert of "Meet the Press" and were asked about the organization, both declined to offer any details. Mr. Grigg will also address the question of whether or not God-honoring, Bible-believing Christians can ever appropriately belong to such secret societies.
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