Thursday, October 25, 2007

DANIEL RAHA: "Testimony of a Former Muslim"

MP3 Available Here

DANIEL RAHA, a former Muslim who endured torture, confusion and fear as a political prisoner in Tehran's (Iran's) notorious Elvin Prison.

With hands and feet bound, Raha and two other men accused of subversive acts against the Iranian government were lead to their death. The rope slipped over Raha's neck. “NOW!” someone shouted. Raha held his breath. He heard the other prisoners struggling against the noose as their chairs were kicked out from beneath their feet... Again, he waited ... nothing. There was only the faint sound of something stirring beside him. He called out, but no one answered. Soon there was the shuffle of boots. “Bring him down,” commanded a familiar voice. The rope was removed, and Raha was released with the warning that if he ever spoke of what happened to him, he would suffer the same fate as the dead men next to him.

God's Sovereign plan did not end there for Daniel Raha, who eventually made his way here to the United States and discovered and embraced the true Gospel and the true Christ of the Holy Scriptures! Daniel Raha (a pseudonym he uses to protect loved ones still in Iran) did not listen to the threats of his torturers in Elvin Prison to remain silent or die. Instead, he wrote the book 54 A Season of Uncertainty, the story of his torture, survival, and his spiritual discovery (see this link)!

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glad you are well we were conserned for your well being Sent a number were you can be reached. WAW

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