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Iron Sharpens Iron Commendations


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"In a sea of distractions from the central message of Christianity, Chris Arnzen brings insight, joy, and biblical wisdom to bear on issues of interest to us all. Beyond informing, it will transform your thinking with the renewing power of God's Word."---Dr. Michael Horton, Professor, Westminster Seminary California and host of "The White Horse Inn" radio broadcast

"I greatly enjoyed the stimulating discussion with Chris Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron. The show is blunt and sharp at the same time, and listeners are always edified and challenged. I know you will appreciate the directness of the questions and the range of subjects addressed." --- Ravi Zacharias, author, apologist, conference speaker

"Utilizing the idea that a good discussion can serve to sharpen our focus, IRON SHARPENS IRON is a program that gets to the center of our most heartfelt discussions. All at once, Chris Arnzen was gracious, knowledgeable, as well as insightful--a rare combination among interviewers today." -- Gary Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

“It was my pleasure to be a guest on the IRON SHARPENS IRON program. I found the host and panel well-prepared to discuss the subject of the holiness of God. Christian radio has been an important part of Ligonier’s growth and so we are always encouraged to see local programs faithful in their sphere of influence. The church needs a new reformation if it is going to impact the culture. Local radio is an important front in that effort.” -- Chris Larson, Executive Vice President, Ligonier Ministries

“Chris Arnzen is providing a great service to the church in the twenty-first century. IRON SHARPENS IRON delivers precisely what it promises—it is edifying, encouraging, and challenging. I hope the Lord continues to bless the program and that Christians throughout the world continue to be thoroughly equipped for every good work by the truth of God’s Word through this vital ministry—all for the glory of God.”—Rev. Burk Parsons, Associate Pastor with Dr. R.C. Sproul, Saint Andrew’s Chapel, Sanford, Florida, and Editor of "Tabletalk" magazine

"Chris Arnzen is not afraid to deal with difficult issues or ask the hard questions. I appreciate the straightforward way IRON SHARPENS IRON tackles vital topics. It's refreshing to hear a radio broadcast regularly deal with truly important, rather than trivial, matters."--- Dr. John MacArthur, author, pastor, radio Bible teacher

"I enjoyed greatly my appearance on IRON SHARPENS IRON. Chris is a good interviewer. He's willing to tackle difficult subjects and controversies, and does so in a thoughtful and biblically-informed way. Keep listening
!"--- Kim Riddlebarger, cohost of "The White Horse Inn", senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church (URCNA), Anaheim, CA

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is an invigorating and refreshing change of pace from what fills the airways of Christian broadcasting. This is a show where truth matters and God is still Sovereign. These attributes are to be greatly appreciated, the host is to be applauded and the show highly recommended!" ---Ken Jones, Cohost of The White Horse Inn, Pastor of Greater Union Baptist Church, Compton, CA

"Dear Chris-- Thank you very much for the opportunity to be on your program. I thoroughly enjoyed my time. Your background knowledge and the insight of your questions are very rare in today's medium of talk radio. I commend this program to all who are able to listen to it. It is a breath of fresh air in this dreary religious landscape in which we live. Look forward to working with you more."--- Joseph Pipa, president, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"Chris Arnzen is a gracious yet unpretentious talk-host and interviewer, and draws the best out of his guests. I've enjoyed my three hours on IRON SHARPENS IRON and look forward to coming back for more." --- David Kupelian,
Managing Editor of & author of The Marketing of Evil

"I greatly enjoyed my interview time. The host prepared carefully, and that added to its value."--- Dr. Jay Adams, author & biblical counselor

"Chris Arnzen provides a packed hour of serious radio on Iron Sharpens Iron with meaty biblical and theological discussion which is a rarity in today's world. Listen in. Stretch your mind. Learn the truth."
---Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, President

"Chris Arnzen is a bold Christian who stands up for Christ and is not afraid to take on controversial issues. I found him to be a sharply intuitive and informed host who kept the conversation animated, fast-paced, and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him... Thank you Chris!"---Carole Whang Schutter, Author & Screenplay Writer of "September Dawn" starring Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is one of the most bold and informative programs on Christian radio. The discussions are refreshingly candid and reliably profitable and Chris Arnzen is a superb interviewer with sound biblical instincts and a knack for asking the right questions. It ¡s always an hour well spent."
--- Phil Johnson,
Executive Director of "Grace To You", the Christian tape & radio ministry of Dr. John MacArthur

"Chris Arnzen combines the depth of a well studied theologian and the lucid insights of an experienced journalist on his new radio program, IRON SHARPENS IRON. This is a very refreshing and much needed departure from the standard 22 minutes of preprogrammed info-sermons that usually is heard on most Christian radio stations. We can only hope that this is a taste of the future of Christian radio."--- Steve Camp,
apologist and award winning Christian recording artist

"IRON SHARPENS IRON, artfully hosted by Chris Arnzen, provides a Christ-Centered forum for the honest and sensitive discussion of issues and topics of current interest to the Christian Community and beyond. My times as a guest on the program proved to be pleasant and profitable (albeit the topic was not without points of pain). Chris has a gracious facility for probing gently yet pointedly touching the tough as well as the tender spots. His range of topics span the spectrum from controversy to compassion and combine the "heart" concerns of spiritual pain and perplexity with the "head" issues of much-needed biblical and theological truth in a culture that seems to need a more clear direction with reference to God's Word and God's Will. May the Lord be pleased to prosper this Bible-based ministry."
--- Ed Kuhlman, author of An Overwhelming Interference

"If the rest of Christian radio would try to do what Chris Arnzen is doing with IRON SHARPENS IRON the body of Christ would be blessed and edified. As it stands, IRON SHARPENS IRON is unique."
--- Dr. James R. White, Alpha & Omega Ministries

"Chris Arnzen is a well-informed host who does his homework and asks the kinds of questions that an interviewee wants to answer, and an audience wants to hear. Lively, collegial conversation and probing questions opened up opportunities for some really valuable exchanges of information and insights."--- Latayne C. Scott, author of The Mormon Mirage

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is an exciting new Christian radio program that every believer should tune in. The program has informative and challenging interviews with some of evangelicalism's most capable theologians, apologists, and teachers. If you are looking for an entertaining, educational, and dynamic radio show, you can't afford to miss this program."--- Ken Samples, author, former co-host of "The Bible Answer Man"

"Those who turn to talk radio for substantive treatment of timely and timeless issues too frequently find a vast buffet of intellectual junk food; the experience is `as when an hungry man dreameth, and behold, he eateth; but he awaketh, and his soul is empty...' (Isaiah 29:8). Chris Arnzen's program IRON SHARPENS IRON is a blessed exception, offering red-meat discussions of the most critical issues of time and eternity in a very palatable way."--- William Norman Grigg,
Editor-at-large, "The Right Source"

"It was a distinct honor and privilege to be on Chris Arnzen's IRON SHARPENS IRON radio broadcast. I have always found Chris to be affable, articulate, and engaging. He knows what he believes (more properly stated, he knows in Whom he believes) and is crisp and clear in his stand for truth. He has a great radio voice and personality, but more important than that, Chris has a great heart for God and the kingdom of righteousness. I believe that those who tune him in will not tune him out because he is in tune with a higher power than even the radio airwaves."--- Victor Knowles,
author of Heavenly Hosts: A Panoramic Study of Angels and The Biblical Roots of Islam

"I would like to highly recommend to the Christian community a new radio program called IRON SHARPENS IRON. One of the great needs in the contemporary Christian community is some meaty discussions on theological issues. The Scripture places great value upon the necessity of sound doctrine. Many people desperately need to understand how the Bible applies to all of life. The programs that I have heard and participated in are very timely and helpful. Keep up the good work, Chris Arnzen!"--- Rev. John M. Otis,
author of Danger in the Camp

"Chris Arnzen's IRON SHARPENS IRON is real Christianity. That is another way of saying he bravely tackles the hard questions of life from a Christian perspective with integrity and honesty. We need more Chris Arnzens in the media."--- Dr. Frank A. James III, President & Professor of Historical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

"The IRON SHARPENS IRON radio program by Chris Arnzen truly generates intelligent and animated discussions to sharpen believers and give the Gospel of grace to all. The soul-destroying lies of apostasy are demolished forcefully yet graciously. In the face of subjective irrational speculations of the present day IRON SHARPENS IRON presents the objective, rational, consistent, and all powerful truth of the written Word of God."--- Richard Bennett, former Catholic priest, Founder of Berean Beacon

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is a welcome addition to the Talk Show genre. There are enough conservative talk shows that deal with politics. Chris Arnzen routinely deals with issues far more important than politics. People would do well to listen regularly to IRON SHARPENS IRON. No one does a better job than Chris Arnzen."--- David Dykstra, author of Yearning to Breathe Free: Thoughts on Immigration, Islam & Freedom

Chris Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron is salt in a decomposing culture, and light in a darkening generation. He takes on challenging and relevant topics that force the listener to search the Scriptures, avoid conforming to the world, and be transformed by the renewing of the mind. He delivers on his claim to sharpen our swords! -- Mark Chanski, Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan, Author of Manly Dominion, In a Passive-Purple-Four-Ball World; and Womanly Dominion, More than a Gentle and Quiet Spirit (Calvary Press)

IRON SHARPENS IRON with Chris Arnzen is a tremendous benefit and blessing to Christians and the whole community. I can't commend and recommend it enough." --Pastor Wayne Rogers, Managing Editor of The Counsel of Chalcedon,
Stockbridge, GA

Despite being a Muslim who strongly opposes the theological beliefs that IRON SHARPENS IRON adheres to and sometimes anti-Islamic stance that it takes, I would have to admit that I had a good experience appearing as a guest on the show. I felt very comfortable with the way Chris and his guests have questioned my beliefs. I appreciate the respect that I received and the courteous and considerate way questions have been put forth to me. Many Muslim speakers and apologists might possibly feel intimidated appearing on a Christian radio show, however I can say with confidence to any of these Muslims out there that they shouldn't be worried about doing so with IRON SHARPENS IRON." ---Bassam Zawadi, owner of

“Chris Arnzen is an outstanding talk show host, who does a splendid job contending for the faith through his radio ministry. His interviewing style is clear, honest, warm and Christ-exalting. I trust that only in eternity will he know the extent of the impact and contribution he has made to the cause of Christ.”--- Johnny Farese, Maintainer of the Reformed Baptist Church Directory (

"I believe that Chris Arnzen’ radio program IRON SHARPENS IRON is providing Christians with a very helpful and useful means of keeping people aware of developments on the wider church scene. I commend him for what he is doing and fervently hope that it will continue to be owned of God and that it will prepare people to be like the children of Issachar who were 'men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do' (1Chronicles 12:32)."
---Pastor William Hughes, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Coconut Creek, FL (former pastor of South Glasgow Baptist Church, Glasgow, Scotland)

Thank you for your program IRON SHARPENS IRON. In an evangelical environment that tends to scorn a faith that thinks it is refreshing to listen to guests who know not only what they believe but why they believe it, and can engage the culture in a manner that forces unbelievers to recognize the validity of the Christian Faith. Your program also calls evangelicals to examine their own faith and what they are being fed via other psuedo-christian programs... Since both my interview and my husband, Pastor Bobby's time on the Pastors Roundtable, God has done much for Tulip Reformed Church... Our small "house church" tripled in size the first sunday and almost doubled the following week. All this came about through your program and ministry. And, it is indeed a much needed ministry not only here in New York and Long Island but globally. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly as you serve Him on the airwaves and via the internet."---Nancy Almodovar, Silent Cry Ministries, Tulip Reformed Church, Ridgewood, NY, author of "A Modern Ninety-Five: Questions Today's Evangelicals Need to Answer"

"I have been on WNYG which has for its call sign 'Babylon' several times. Each time I have been gratified to speak the truth into the falsehoods of our generation--to lift up my voice for Zion in Babylon. Chris is a skilled interviewer and invariably has given me the openings I need to say the things that really need to be said. May God continue to bless his labors to buy the truth and sell it not!" ---Dr. Sam Waldron, author, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky, professor of Systematic Theology at Midwest Center for Theological Studies

IRON SHARPENS IRON is like water in a dry & thirsty land; it is a
safehaven, a 'tower' to which a weary radio audience can run for substance & Truth."---Judy Rogers, Christian recording artist (

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is one of few radio programs that address major biblical issues of the day without compromising truth. Chris Arnzen has just the right touch in hosting it, making the questions and commentary relevant to the listener while simultaneously bringing out the gifts of the scholar being interviewed. I highly recommend it."---Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I thank God for Chris Arnzen and his Christ-centered ministry with IRON SHARPENS IRON. Most grateful am I for his unwavering commitment to the absolute truth of Scripture. Here is a rare voice on the radio today. May the Lord set a wide and open door before this vibrant program for all to hear."---Dr. Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, AL

"Chris Arnzen's love for and confidence in Scripture causes him to address issues without fear while showing great respect for those who may disagree with his views. That's what makes IRON SHARPENS IRON such an informative and beneficial radio program. If you want to hear clear, concise thinking from a biblical perspective, listen to this show!"---Dr. Tom Ascol, author, Executive Director of Founders ministries, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL

"Chris Arnzen keeps the coals burning with vibrant, thoughtful Christianity. Join the conversation!"--- Jim Elliff, founder & president of Christian Communicators Worldwide

"It is encouraging to know that Chris Arnzen through his IRON SHARPENS IRON show genuinely strives to help listeners take seriously the Bible and its theology. I found Chris to be a capable, engaging and interested host, who tackled the challenging issues."--- Dr. Christopher W. Morgan, Professor of Theology, California Baptist University, and author and editor of numerous books, including "Hell under Fire", "Faith Comes by Hearing", and "Suffering and the Goodness of God"

"Have political and sports talk shows made you a bit dull, lately? Do yourself a favor and tune in to 'IRON SHARPENS IRON.' Through this show, Chris Arnzen addresses vital issues that call for serious discussion, and he does it with a firm belief in the authority of Scripture. The result? A superb program in which edifying, grace-filled, God-glorifying conversation takes place. Here is a talk show that will have a sharpening influence on your life!"--- Steve Burchett, seminar leader, writer, and editorial assistant for Christian Communicators Worldwide (CCW)

"The Lord be praised for leading me to discover the radio program IRON SHARPENS IRON with host Chris Arnzen. As one who deals in apologetics, counter-cult ministry and Comparative Religion I am quite pleased to recommend ISI because of the fine way Arnzen handles the wide variety of hard-hitting and important issues facing the Christian in this time of growing apostasy within evangelicalism. Chris Arnzen is a knowledgeable and gracious host who is not at all afraid to tackle the critical issues facing the Body of Christ today. As a guest IRON SHARPENS IRON is one radio program I always look forward to being on."--- Ken Silva, Pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church, Director of Apprising Ministries

"In this age, in which there is evidence that a new religion has appeared that goes by the name Christian but is actually an innovation unencumbered by biblical discipline, IRON SHARPENS IRON is extremely important. This program calls its listeners back to the Scriptures and to the Christ these writings reveal. There is no greater mission!"--- Dr. Joel Nederhood, Director of Ministries Emeritus, Back to God Ministries International

I am pleased to have known Chris Arnzen for over twenty years and to count him as a friend and an outstanding advocate for the Lord Jesus. His show, IRON SHARPENS IRON, is a refreshing addition to the radio waves, especially in an environment today where there is such compromise regarding the word of God and standing up 'for all the counsel of God'. Chris has also been unwavering in his support and understanding of reaching all the lost, including the lost sheep of the House of Israel. We are grateful that IRON SHARPENS IRON has been a platform where we can get this message out. Keep up the good work, my friend."--- Martin Fromm, Congregational Leader, Beth Yeshua Ministries, Plainview, NY

Chris, with all the brilliant men of God who have given their commendation to IRON SHARPENS IRON I can hardly add anything, except the heartfelt comment that your program is unique. You truly bring Glory to God by presenting guests with an orthodox view of the scriptures, and subjects that impart wisdom to God’s children in application to their day to day lives! I am convinced that this program is a way in which Gods grace and mercy are being demonstrated to the NY metropolitan area. We commend you on the sacrifices you are making on Christ’s behalf. Sue and I will hold you up before the throne of grace, praying that this good work may continue and prosper. Know that one day Jesus will reward your efforts abundantly beyond what you can ask or imagine”.---John B Leuzarder, author of "The Gospel For Children"

"The subjects Chris Arnzen covers are not only relevant to the USA but also to the church on the African continent. He deals with those issues that are a menace to the church today and you cannot miss the fact that he wants those he is interviewing to base their answers squarely on the Bible. Keep it up, Chris; we need many people like you on this side of the Atlantic!"---Pastor Conrad Mbewe, Kabwata Baptist Church, Zambia, Africa

"Thanks Chris, for asking me to be on IRON SHARPENS IRON. I appreciate your dedication to truth and to getting it out there on the airwaves! I have been concerned for many years over the weak and insufficient gospel message most folks are presented with, so I appreciate the opportunity to share my testimony and discuss the topic of biblical salvation. God's continued blessings on your ministry!"--- Paula Webster, wife of William Webster, noted Christian apologist, Church historian, author and founder of Christian Resources (

"Chris Arnzen is an excellent and discerning program host. In interviewing me about my book, he stayed with the subject matter. He asked excellent questions that gave me an opportunity to explain the purpose and contents of the book." --- Dr. Jerry Bridges, noted conference speaker, best selling author

"Now more than ever Christians need for their love to abound more and more with knowledge and all discernment (Philippians 1:9-11). Listening to Chris Arnzen and IRON SHARPENS IRON is a tremendous opportunity for Christians to be challenged to be more biblical so they are 'sharpened' in their thinking. Chris is a gracious host. But, he is also willing to stand for the truth even when that stance may not be popular."--- Pastor Chris Brauns, author of "Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds"

"My experience of interviews with Chris were phenomenal. Chris a an excellent radio-show host in many areas. He knows his guests well and as a result asks questions pertinent to their strengths. He himself is very theologically nuanced and aware of issues, so much so that the audience receives carefully nuanced questions, thus providing for me the opportunity to answer them with confidence and comfort. Finally and most importantly, his work brings glory to the Triune God both by equipping Christians and inviting those who are not Christians to come to the Triune God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ."---
Steven Tsoukalas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Apologetics and Christian Thought, Wesley Biblical Seminary (Jackson, MS), Executive Director, Sound Doctrine Ministries (

"Where can you find theologically serious and culturally relevant conversation? At IRON SHARPENS IRON. Chris Arnzen graciously leads thoughtful, engaging, and tough conversations good for the soul. Tune in and be edified." ---Thabiti Anyabwile, author of "The Decline of African American Theology", Ligonier Ministries conference speaker, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman

"Dear Chris: Thank you very much for having me as a guest on your show. I enjoyed the time and believe you conducted the interview in a way that enabled us to highlight much important Biblical truth about an often neglected topic, church discipline. You had evidently done your homework well. May the Lord bless all your labors, brother."---David Chanski, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, NJ

In this day of information overload, with so much competition for our ears, eyes, and hearts, we need to choose our information sources efficiently and carefully. Chris Arnzen's IRON SHARPENS IRON program packages material in a way you'll find useful and challenging. Don't waste your ears on anything less than this clear-sounding, Bible-honoring broadcast. For the sake of your heart!"---Nelson D. Kloosterman, Professor of Ethics & New Testament Studies, Mid-America Reformed Seminary, Dyer, Indiana

“It was a real blessing to be a guest on IRON SHARPENS IRON. Chris was such a solid host. I so appreciated his informed questions and passion for truth. Radio programs like ISI are very rare in our day, but so needed! I thank the Lord that we live in the age of the internet where such a program can been heard throughout the globe via live-streaming. May our Lord continue to expand ISI’s reach to glory of His name!”– Pastor Jerry Marcellino, Audubon Drive Bible Church, Laurel, Mississippi

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is a treasure in the field of apologetics and deserves a wide exposure. Christians today are sorely in need of biblical discernment because of the great number of false teachings that are circulating in the church. Please continue producing IRON SHARPENS IRON as an effective way of responding to that need. I’m honored that I am able to be a part of it."--- Thomas McGovern, former Jehovah's Witness, founder of Dispel the Darkness Ministries

"I was privileged to be on IRON SHARPENS IRON with Chris Arnzen. He was the perfect host to withdraw the teachings of early Mormonism, also discussed in my newest book, Cult Insanity. I commend his integrity for raising up Jesus Christ and his willingness to listen to all view points. He informs, inspires, and edifies his listeners. I was able to discuss my upbringing in a Fundamentalist Mormon group, how I was involved in a cult that enforced blood atonement, and share how I came to Jesus Christ. Tune in as he blesses thousands, sowing seeds for the Kingdom." -- Irene Spencer, NY Times Best Sellling Author of "Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife"

"It was a privilege for me to be a guest on IRON SHARPENS IRON with Chris Arnzen. Chris was always gracious and well-prepared. With a fresh approach he asked probing questions leading both listener and guest to an in-depth discussion that challenged and edified both soul and mind."-- Sarah Zacharias Davis, author of "The Friends We Keep"

"We heartily endorse Chris Arnzen's IRON SHARPENS IRON Radio Program. Chris chooses a wide range of interesting topics and people. His interview process on the program is fresh, inspiring and challenging. He truly seeks to reach the world for Christ through love. We're always honored to be in his presence, and feel his love for Christ." -- Jerry & Fern Hill, founders, Timothy Hill Children's Ranch (home for abused & abandoned children)

"I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Chris Arnzen on IRON SHARPENS IRON. I have listened to him more than once in California, via my computer at His sense of humor, affable personality, and keen mind help make it the great talk show that it is." -- Roger Nelson, award-winning actor, founder of "The Friends of John Wesley & Saint Patrick"

"I tremendously enjoyed my discussion with Chris Arnzen on his show IRON SHARPENS IRON. Far from simply lobbing softballs right over the plate, Chris is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to tackle the tough issues head-on. His broadcast is a breath of fresh air. I thank God for it! -- Jason Stellman, Ligonier Ministries conference speaker, author of "Dual Citizens"

"I certainly commend IRON SHARPENS IRON and its host Chris Arnzen for the tremendous work being accomplished. The program is thought-provoking and helpful for those working in the Kingdom of Christ. Keep up the good work Chris." --- Doug Richey, Pastor-Teacher, Pisgah Baptist Church, Excelsior Springs, MO"I certainly commend IRON SHARPENS IRON and its host Chris Arnzen for the tremendous work being accomplished. The program is thought-provoking and helpful for those working in the Kingdom of Christ. Keep up the good work Chris." --- Doug Richey, Pastor-Teacher, Pisgah Baptist Church, Excelsior Springs, MO

"IRON SHARPENS IRON and Chris Arnzen are in a class of their own. Brother Chris's love of Christ was evident in the way he conducted the interview. He was compassionate, respectful and asked great questions, that I beleive his audience wanted to know. The subject of Jonestown and the Reverend Jim Jones encompasses many dynamics, however Brother Chris centered his questions on areas that many other interviewers had not asked. I personally look forward to another interview by Brother Chris."--- Leslie Wagner-Wilson, survivor of the Jonestown Suicide-Massacre

"We''re commanded to love God with not just all our heart, but also with all our mind. "IRON SHARPENS IRON encourages that kind of love. It''s truly a tonic for the Christian church, and I was honored and humbled to be a part of the show." --- -Warren Cole Smith, Publisher & Editor of the Evangelical Press News Service, author, ""A Lover's Quarrel With The Evangelical Church"

Chris Arnzen is providing a great service to the country by educating the public through IRON SHARPENS IRON. In this age of political correctness run amok, it takes real courage to tell the truth about the people and movements that are working to destroy Christian culture in America. It was an honor to be on the program."--- Scott D. Lively, Esq., founder,, author, "The Pink Swastika"

Chris Arnzen, and IRON SHARPENS IRON remind me not only of what Christian radio can be, but what godly discourse of the things of God can be. A prepared host, earnest discussion, and an intelligent and motivated listenership make for more than merely passing the time, they encourage us to redeem the time. I look forward to visiting with Chris again soon." -- Dr. RC Sproul Jr., founder of Highlands Ministries, Teaching Fellow at Ligonier Ministries

"IRON SHARPENS IRON provides an admirable forum and opportunity to disseminate various aspects of Biblical truth to a wide audience. In these days of general declension and spiritual inertia in many realms of the Christian church, this programme sounds forth a very clear and sound Scriptural message, often to listeners who might not otherwise have the benefit of such good teaching or edifying instruction. May God bless its continuing proclamation to His honour and glory!" -- Jim Handyside, Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church in Anniesland, Glasgow, Scotland, author, "Melt the Icebergs: A Fresh Look at Prayer"

Chris Arnzen uses his program IRON SHARPENS IRON for the defense and confirmation of the faith. His careful and thoughtful selection of topics, his deftness in posing questions, and his clarity in speaking to issues make this program an important witness for the gospel. When so much of the media seeks to discredit orthodox Christianity, Chris uses his slot like Goliath's sword in beheading the taunters of God's people with a weapon they have falsely assumed as their own. IRON SHARPENS IRON is an hour well-spent." -- Tom J. Nettles, Professor of Historical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, finalist for the John Pollock Award for Christian Biography

“In Chris Arnzen and IRON SHARPENS IRON we have a clarion call to declare and apply timeless biblical verities to all aspects of life. Chris's unique blend of gracious wisdom, holy boldness and theological insight pan out into serious, sustained discussion that challenges and edifies all listeners with the robust truth of the Scripture. This ministry stands out as an encouraging exception to the vast number of Christian claimants flooding the media. It profits us all to listen and learn.” -- Michael Leach, Pastor, All Saints Redeemer Church, Decatur, GA, coauthor of "Glory Road: The Journeys of 10 African-Americans into Reformed Christianity"

"I enjoyed being a guest on IRON SHARPENS IRON. This was an unusual opportunity to have serious theological conversation about important topics in the Christian life on Christian talk radio." -- Dr. John Jefferson Davis, Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, author of "Christ's Victorious Kingdom"

The program IRON SHARPENS IRON provides a marvelous opportunity for people in what is probably the largest regional radio market in America an opportunity to hear timely topics discussed in a conversational form by Christian leaders. The host Chris Arnzen does a great job of probing into the various issues that concern Christians in these confusing and challenging days. It has been my privilege to be a guest several times and I always look forward to it." -- John F. Thornbury, church historian, author & conference speaker

"Chris Arnzen and his program, IRON SHARPENS IRON, is a theologically and Biblically driven radio program, not afraid to tackle the tough issues facing the world in general and the Christian church in particular. Chris is gracious and magnanimous to his audience, encouraging diverse opinion on the issues at hand, while always seeking to have the mind of Christ, drawn from the Scriptures. I look forward to being on IRON SHARPENS IRON in the future." --
Allen M. Baker III, author of "Seeking A Revival Culture: Essays on Fortifying an Anemic Church", host of "Between Two Worlds" Radio Broadcast, pastor, Christ Community Presbyterian Church, West Hartford, CT

"I was privileged to appear as a guest on IRON SHARPENS IRON Radio with Chris Arnzen. His interview of my journey from independent Baptist fundamentalism to reformed theology was done gracefully and with respect for listeners of all varieties. His show aims to help the wider evangelical church through encouraging reformed theology, and a wise use of apologetics. Chris consistently deals with important topics and hosts influential church leaders. Downloadable mp3s of his show are available for free. I encourage you to check out for yourself -- you will be both intrigued and blessed. I'm sure of it." -- Bob Hayton, founder,

Chris Arnzen manages to achieve what is very rare in Christian media. First, he tackles controversial subjects. Second, he does so in a non-abrasive manner. And, third, his aim is not point-scoring or debate-winning, but more truth and clearer truth for his growing audience. I'm grateful to him for the sacrifice of time thought and energy that he devotes to this helpful broadcast." -- Dr. David Murray, former pastor at Lochcarron Free Church of Scotland & Stornoway Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI (2007-Present)

"Arnzen and his IRON SHARPENS IRON program offer what our culture needs so badly today--careful analysis of biblical doctrines and pressing contemporary issues. Arnzen's refreshing wit and personable style make critical thinking entertaining!" -- James S. Spiegel, Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Taylor University, author of "The Making of an Atheist"

"Professional, knowledgeable, thorough, challenging--These are the words that came to my mind often while I was on your IRON SHARPENS IRON program. Those qualities separate your approach from many I've done with other radio programs. You are to be commended for your excellence in helping the body of Christ be equipped and trained to 'give an answer for the hope that is in us'! Thank you for honoring our Lord with IRON SHARPENS IRON" --
Clete Hux, Counter-Cult Apologist, Apologetics Resource Center (ARC)

"I enjoyed being on the IRON SHARPENS IRON radio broadcast. Chris was extremely cordial and seemed to ask all the right questions. I would gladly be on the radio broadcast in the future... Thank you, Chris... for being a friend and a great radio host." -- Leon Brown, founder of

“Chris Anzen was well prepared and IRON SHARPENS IRON moved along at a nice, fast pace. Chris gave me the time to tell a nuanced and complex story about producing theatre from a Christian worldview that engages a diverse audience through a theatrical adaptation of C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. And he engaged his listening audience in the process.”--Max McLean, award winning actor, Artistic Director, Fellowship for the Performing Arts

"What could be more valuable to the Christian community than a radio program, like IRON SHARPENS IRON, which discusses in a godly manner the differences we have as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ! Surely this gives us a greater respect for one another and teaches us how to disagree without being disagreeable. For that purpose it was a joy for me to take part in such a program!" -- Dr. Richard Belcher, founder of Evangelizing India for Christ & Richbarry Press, author of "A Layman's Guide to the Sabbath Question"

"It was a delight to be interviewed by Chris Arnzen on IRON SHARPENS IRON. He is a great interviewer asking provocative and insightful questions that get to the heart of the issue under discussion. His judicious management of the time provides an optimal learning experience for both the guest and the listener. Chris is to be commended for a quality program that addresses many important issues. I encourage you to listen to IRON SHARPENS IRON; it will help you think Christianly!" -- Bruce A. Little, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Director of the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith & Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

Chris Arnzen is an interview host without peer. He embodies the title of the program by being 'sharp'. His rapier intellect cuts to the core of issues he discusses. It's a delight for me to work with him" — Dr. R. C. Sproul, founder & chairman, Ligonier Ministries

"Any time Christian people want to talk seriously about God's truth, the Church is better for it. "Iron Sharpens Iron" is such a place and I applaud what they are doing."— Dr. David F. Wells, Andrew Mutch Distinguished Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is a unique radio program hosted by Chris Arnzen, webcasted around the world. It is rapidly becoming a very popular program because of the many different issues it tackles from a Christian worldview. Chris Arnzen is a very gifted talk host, and brings to the program a wide range of guests each day, including some of the most gifted Christian scholars and leaders in the world, who always prove to be thought-provoking and stimulating in their contributions and commentary on the topics addressed. Listeners will be challenged, edified, instructed and informed by tuning in daily to this much needed ministry for the times in which we live."— David T. King, Presbyterian minister, and co-author of the three volume work, Holy Scripture, the Ground and Pillar of Our Faith.

"A good interviewer knows how to be interesting, informative, relevant, and in the case of a Christian interviewer, bibical. Chris Arnzen exhibits all of these things on IRON SHARPENS IRON."— John G. Reisinger, author, conference speaker

"Arnzen and his IRON SHARPENS IRON program offer what our culture needs so badly today—careful analysis of biblical doctrines and pressing contemporary issues. Arnzen's refreshing wit and personable style make critical thinking entertaining!" — James S. Spiegel, Professor at Taylor University and author of The Making of an Atheist

"It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Chris Arnzen. He is a skilled host and understands how to bring out the best thinking of his guests. I applaud his commitment to discuss substantial subjects in a media environment that tends to promote superficiality." — Dr. Gregory Reynolds, pastor of Amoskeag Presbyterian Church (OPC), Manchester, NH, editor of Ordained Servant: A Journal for Church Officers

"In a world of shallow entertainment and halting opinions, Iron Sharpens Iron opens the microphone to a conversation that gets to a useful point without forgetting the priority of God's Word. What more do you want?"— Dr. Fred R. Lybrand, author, conference speaker, founding executive director and a past president of the Free Grace Alliance

"Chris Arnzen truly desires to sharpen the bluntness of Christianity in our day through lively, thoughtful, and deep discussion of the truths of God's Word. It was my pleasure to join him in one such discussion and I look forward to more."— Rev. Daniel R. Hyde, Oceanside United Reformed Church, Carlsbad /Oceanside, CA, author of Welcome to a Reformed Church

"Chris Arnzen's program is engaging, welcoming, and insightful. This is thoughtful broadcasting for thoughtful Christians." --- Dr. T. David Gordon, Professor of Religion & Greek, Grove City College, author of Why Johnny Can't Preach & Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is precisely what is says it is, an honest, intelligent discussion of major theological issues but sharpened to meet the needs of the average believer." -- Dr. Peter Jones, Director, truthXchange, Scholar-in-Residence & Adjunct Professor, Westminster Seminary California

"The church would be well served to have more radio programs such as Chris Arnzen’s IRON SHARPENS IRON. Chris addresses substantive issues that benefit God’s people, sharpening their understanding and their discernment. Highly recommended!" -- Dr. Fred G. Zaspel, Author, The Theology of B.B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary

Chris Arnzen makes it a pleasure to be interviewed. He is prepared, professional, considerate, and thorough. He clearly cares about the minds and the hearts of his listeners." -- Kathy Kuhl, Helping parents help children learn,, author of Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner

"Chris Arnzen has a passion for truth and a strong grasp on the pulse of our times. Keep informed and sharpen up with IRON SHARPENS IRON". -- Richard D. Phillips, Vice Chairman of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Chairman of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, Senior Minister at Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC

"Chris Arnzen hosts IRON SHARPENS IRON with the acumen of a theologian and the practical wisdom of a pastor. The tough questions are not eschewed nor are his strong convictions put on the shelf with his guests. The balance he strikes makes not only for great listening but a compelling defense of the glorious truths of Reformed theology." -- Gabriel N. E. Fluhrer, Assistant Pastor at Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC, Editor, Atonement.
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"As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend"- Proverbs 27:17