Monday, July 21, 2008


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JOHN LOFTON, Editor of The American, will address his views on: "A CHRISTIAN'S DUTY IN THE POLITICAL ARENA."

Today's interview is certainly quite controversial, and addresses issues of debate that even exist between the most conservative, Reformed and Fundamentalist Christians, including "Should a Christian Ever Vote for a Non-Christian?," "Is the 'Lesser of Two Evils' Ever a Valid Candidate for a Christian's Vote?" and "Is it Ever a Christian's Duty NOT to Vote?"

For more than 35 years John Lofton has covered national politics and cultural/religious issues as a journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist, TV-radio commentator/analyst and political advisor.

· Editor, "Monday," the weekly, national publication of the Republican National Committee, 1970-73.

· Nationally-syndicated columnist for "United Features" Syndicate in more than 100 papers nationwide, 1973-80.

· Editor, "Battleline," monthly newsletter of The American Conservative Union, 1977-80.

· Editor, "Conservative Digest" magazine, 1980-82.

· Columnist, "The Washington Times" newspaper, 1982-89.

· Program-host/commentator, "America's Voice," a national cable TV network in all 50 states, 1998-99.

· A commentator on the "Mutual Radio Network;"

· An advisor to the Presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan;

· Author of a monthly column on the Federal bureaucracy for Howard Phillips' "Conservative Caucus."

· Has written articles for the NRA magazine "America’s First Freedom”; Gun Owners Of America.

· Communications Director for Constitution Party Presidential candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka in 2004.

· Editor,

· Co–host with Michael Anthony Peroutka of The American View” radio program .

John Lofton has given numerous speeches before various groups, Liberal and Conservative, including Liberty University & Bob Jones University. He has appeared on every major TV/radio talk show (including the Comedy Channel’s “Daily Show” with Jon Stewart & “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher).

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