Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mark Allison: Harold Camping, Judgment Day & the Church Examined (Part Two)

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Mark Allison, Minister at the Free Presbyterian Church of Malvern, PA, and adjunct professor of Theology and Pastoral Theology at Geneva Reformed Seminary in Greenville, SC, will address the theme: "Harold Camping, Judgment Day & the Church Examined".

According to Harold Camping, president of Family Radio, established in 1958 under its official name: Family Stations Inc. ( "THE END OF THE WORLD IS ALMOST HERE! HOLY GOD WILL BRING JUDGMENT DAY ON MAY 21, 2011." Since Mr. Camping's warning has become globally known through Family Radio's worldwide broadcast facilities, including more than 150 outlets in the United States alone, in addition to Family Radio's mission trips and tract distribution, "Iron Sharpens Iron" believes his claims must be publicly examined in the light of Holy Scripture.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Malvern, PA, where tonight's guest Dr. Mark Allison serves as Minister, has a history connected with Family Radio. FPC of Malvern's former Minister, John Greer, who served that congregation from 1983 to 2000 before returning to his homeland, Northern Ireland, to minister at the FPC congregation in Ballymena, County Antrim, was often heard on Family Radio's "Echoes" broadcast, in addition to his own, daily, 15-minute program on Family Radio called "Let the Bible Speak". Our guest Dr. Allison was also heard many times preaching on Family Radio's "Echoes" program. FPC of Malvern later severed all ties with Family Radio, just as many other biblically sound churches and ministries did, after Harold Camping began to make public his heretical teaching that "the Church Age has ended". David Morrell, retired Vice President of Family Radio, was a member of FPC of Malvern and left the congregation along with about a dozen other members due to their loyalty to Mr. Camping's teachings. Obviously, tonight's theme is a great burden upon the heart of our guest Dr. Mark Allison.

We also highly recommend that you listen to the two-day debate "Iron Sharpens Iron" aired between Harold Camping and Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries in July of 2009, followed by three days of debate review provided by Mr. Camping, Dr. White and Christian blogger "Turretin Fan". Those MP3 links are here:

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Sean said...

Thank you for this two part discussion and thank Dr. Mark Allison for showing just how far Mr. Camping has strayed from God's word. For some years since 2003, i bought into Mr. Camping's "revelations" that he claims are part of "God's testing program", but no more. What finally led to my breaking away from the brainwashing altogether, was when i studied the Cross in the Bible and found definitive Biblical proof that Mr. Camping is preaching "another gospel" in violation of Galatians 1:8, 9. When i saw the truth, i realized that Mr. Camping is leading his followers off a plank that will end in shame and sorrow on May 21, 2011. Like those still following him will feel on May 22 when the date passes, i feel ashamed that i allowed myself to be so deceived by this man and i'm sorry that i believed his false teaching for so long. Like so many others who have listened to him and those still listening to him, i have a lot of deprogramming to do. Open Forum is a terrible form of brainwashing. Sadly, my mom is still listening to him and she refuses to listen to the truth of the Bible regarding Christ's death on the Cross for our sins and subsequent resurrection on the third day. May all this twisted madness and brainwashing end on May 22. Everyone remember that Mr. Camping has basically said that May 21, 2011 is as sure as Christ's deity. There's no twisting his way out of this one. I was there on September 6, 1994 and remember the day coming and going. I should have never started listening to him again.

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