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Mark Allison: Harold Camping, Judgment Day & the Church Examined (Part One)

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Mark Allison, Minister at the Free Presbyterian Church of Malvern, PA, and adjunct professor of Theology and Pastoral Theology at Geneva Reformed Seminary in Greenville, SC, will address the theme: "Harold Camping, Judgment Day & the Church Examined".

According to Harold Camping, president of Family Radio, established in 1958 under its official name: Family Stations Inc. ( "THE END OF THE WORLD IS ALMOST HERE! HOLY GOD WILL BRING JUDGMENT DAY ON MAY 21, 2011." Since Mr. Camping's warning has become globally known through Family Radio's worldwide broadcast facilities, including more than 150 outlets in the United States alone, in addition to Family Radio's mission trips and tract distribution, "Iron Sharpens Iron" believes his claims must be publicly examined in the light of Holy Scripture.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Malvern, PA, where tonight's guest Dr. Mark Allison serves as Minister, has a history connected with Family Radio. FPC of Malvern's former Minister, John Greer, who served that congregation from 1983 to 2000 before returning to his homeland, Northern Ireland, to minister at the FPC congregation in Ballymena, County Antrim, was often heard on Family Radio's "Echoes" broadcast, in addition to his own, daily, 15-minute program on Family Radio called "Let the Bible Speak". Our guest Dr. Allison was also heard many times preaching on Family Radio's "Echoes" program. FPC of Malvern later severed all ties with Family Radio, just as many other biblically sound churches and ministries did, after Harold Camping began to make public his heretical teaching that "the Church Age has ended". David Morrell, retired Vice President of Family Radio, was a member of FPC of Malvern and left the congregation along with about a dozen other members due to their loyalty to Mr. Camping's teachings. Obviously, tonight's theme is a great burden upon the heart of our guest Dr. Mark Allison.

We also highly recommend that you listen to the two-day debate "Iron Sharpens Iron" aired between Harold Camping and Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries in July of 2009, followed by three days of debate review provided by Mr. Camping, Dr. White and Christian blogger "Turretin Fan". Those MP3 links are here:

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Eric said...

Mr Allison. I really am amused and perturbed at how you poke fun at and are shocked of how Harold Camping puts himself on a par with say NOAH or even worse GOD and you do something just as bad or even worse. You said you you were in a country where you saw people saved through your spreading the WORD and through your church. How can you be so pompous and "HOLIER THAN THOU" ?? If CAMPING cant know the day of the end how can you say that someone is saved?? Only GOD knows who is saved or not as ONLY God knows that person's heart and what is written upon it!! Thats what the "WHEAT AND TARES" is all about! Secondly I dont agree with all of the teaching of Mr. Camping but let me say for myself and thousands and thousands of others who left the so-called "CHristian " church long before I EVER heard of Family RADIO. And what you do is EXACTLY why one cant put their trust in a church along with other reasons of course!! By saying to members of your congregation and to others you are meeting you are giving false sense of security and hope!! Can you honestly tell me that you have NEVER been fooled by someone you "ASSUMED" were saved and found out later they were not of the character or mindset of a TRUE BELIEVER?? God bless

Son of Man said...

Neither see the full picture, the same way Daniel was given prophetic dreams but struggled with their interpretation until he was commanded to "seal it up" for the time of the end (Dan 12:4).

Of course, there isn't a specific rapture date to be "unlocked" but there IS a clear outline of God's well as God intention for some things to be hidden, only to be revealed by those worthy to find them (Proverbs 25:2).

The Father said through the prophet Isaiah, “Remember the former things of old: for I [am] Yahwah, and [there is] none else; [I am] Yah, and [there is] none like me; ***DECLARING the end from the beginning*** and from ancient times [the things] that are not [yet] done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure’.”(Isa. 46:9-10)

The Hebrew word translated as "beginning" in this passage is “Bereshit”, the very same name as the first book of the Torah; Genesis. The Father told us the end from Genesis.

A Day is as 1000 years in God's sight (Psalms 90:4; 2nd Peter 3:8)...

Proof 1: God said Adam will die *IN THE DAY* he eats the forbidden fruit (Gen 2:17)...but Adam lived 930 years (Gen 5:5). So either God was lying or He really DOES consider 1000 years as 1 day.

Proof 2: On "Day 1" of creation, God saw "the light was good" and separated light from darkness (Gen1:3-5). And Christ said, "no one is good except God" (Luk 18:19) if God IS the light, was he ever separated from Darkness (sin) in the 1st millennium of man? YES!! He banished sinful Adam from the garden!

Proof 3: On "Day 2" God divided waters from waters (Gen 1:6-8).

Genesis Ch5 gives a complete genealogy from Adam to Noah. If you count out the births and deaths you find that Noah was born 119 years from Adam's death.

If Adam died in the year 930 from "his" creation (IMPORTANT NOTE: NOT 930yrs from “the creation of the earth or universe" because "years" originally measure "Mankind's time" on earth), then Noah was born in year 1049 from Adam's creation:

Mankind's Day 1 = 0001-1000yrs
Mankind's Day 2 = 1001-2000yrs

So Noah was born in the 2nd millennium, and 599yrs later (in the middle of "Day 2") was the flood in year 1648 from Adam (Noah's 600yrs old in Gen 7:6). 1 year later the waters once again recede and separate from each other.

Proof 4: On "Day 3" God create seeds and trees to bare "various kinds of fruit".

Genesis 9 & 11 continues the genealogy from Noah, through Shem, to Abram and then continues with his story. Continuing with the details of birth and death we discover that Abram was born in year 1932 from Adam; his name changed to Abraham in year 2031 from Adam, and he was promised to be a very "fruitful" father of many (Gen 17:6). 1 Year later, the promised "seed" was born; Isaac (year 2032 from Adam)

Mankind's Day 3 = 2001-3000 …So “day 3” was also fulfilled.


This pattern holds true for 3 (prophetic) days of Mankind's week; 3 testimonies that witness to God fulfilling Creation Week in the millennia of mankind, so we can take this as truth to help us figure out the next 4 days...

Christ- The *Sun* of Righteousness
Mankind's Day 4 = 3001-4000

The Beast(s)/kingdom(s) of *the Sea* (Daniel 7 & Rev 13)
Mankind's Day 5 = 4001-5000

The Beast of *the earth* (Rev 13)
Mankind's Day 6 = 5001-6000

And the change of fallen man’s kingdom to the kingdom of Yah commencing in 2001
Mankind's Day 7 = 6001-7000

We're now in the 7th day – The Day of the Lord – when soon Christ will rule the millennium. But that’s not all…EVERY MAJOR BIBLICAL EVENT (from Israel to Christ) happened ON A FEAST DAY…and the next feast to fulfill is *Day of Trumpets*.

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