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Mary Hertel: The Truth Set Me Free: A Former Nun Tells Her Story (Part Two)

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Mary Hertel, a former nun, will address the theme: "The Truth Set Me Free: A Former Nun Tells Her Story".

Mary Hertel, born into a strong Roman Catholic family, entered the Order of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1963. She left it in 1969 and was saved by God's grace in 1989. She is a member of Brookside Baptist Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin (see

Mary is a contributing author of The Truth Set Us Free: Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories, to be in print soon from Solid Ground Christian Books (see Mary is also Editor of the book along with Richard Bennett, a former priest and the founder of Berean Beacon Ministries.

Vatican Council II was completed in 1965. The Roman Catholic Church appeared to have changed her position towards Biblical believers. The Council had pronounced that they were now to be seen as 'separated brethren' (although it also reaffirmed the Council of Trent, which four hundred years earlier had declared Biblical believers to be heretics). Catholics could now 'dialogue' with them, enter their churches, and go to their Bible studies.

In the more than forty years that have elapsed since then, much confusion has arisen both among Catholics and among Biblical believers as to where each stands today. This volume brings the steady light of Scripture and the clear testimonies of twenty 20th century women to bear on this murky religious confusion of our times.

These women became nuns in Roman Catholic convents as their finest means of serv-ing God. The testimonies are 'inside stories', intensely personal, wonderfully down-to-earth. They ask--and finally get the right answers to--some of the same questions that you yourself might ask.

The solid promise of Holy God in Scripture is, 'And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye search for Me with all your heart.' This volume is modern testimony to that living promise.

The book will be of avid interest to -

- dedicated Roman Catholics who often do not know the realities of convent life

- lapsed Catholics who have become discouraged by the practice of a religious faith which has not answered his or her inner emptiness and confusion

- Evangelicals who are being drawn more closely into 'dialogue' with Roman Catho-lics, unaware of the inner workings of that huge, seemingly mysterious system

The former nuns who tell their stories in this new edition of The Truth Set Us Free are:

1. Jacqueline Kassar: From a Nun’s Convent to Biblical Conversion

2. Lolly Harding: A Medical Nun/Air Evac Nun’s Story of Conversion to the Truth

3. Eileen Donnelly: Led by the Shepherd

4. Nancy Hohman: Finding True Freedom in Christ: My Testimony

5. Mary McGuigan: A Training Ground for Discernment

6. Mary C. Hertel: The Unsearchable Ways of God

7. Mary Ann Pakiz: God’s Word Needs No Authority Other Than Itself

8. Jo Ellen Kaminski: His Banner Over Me Is Love

9. Amy Bentley: The Conversion of a Catholic Nun: My Return to Christ

10. Rocio Pestana Segovia: The Woman at the Well

11. Alicia Simpson: Alicia: My Search for Peace, a Nun’s Story

12. Sophia Tekien: And the Truth Made Me Free

13. Donna Spader Shire: Mother’s Vocation and God’s Grace

14. Lucille Poulin: The Truth Shall Make You Free!

15. Doreen Eberhardt (D’Antonio): This Is My Story

16. Eileen M. Doran: A Labyrinthian Way

17. Wilma Sullivan: My Desire to do Good

18. Peggy O’Neill: I Had Never Heard the True Gospel

19. Jayne (Stanford) Baer : Convent Living to True Life in the Lord

20. Mary Allen: From Bondage to Freedom in Christ

Pre-order the book and mention "Iron Sharpens Iron" for a discount: $10.00 a copy plus $4.00 shipping (a savings of $ 6.00).

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