Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dr. Robert J. Cameron: A Pastor's Journey With Colon Cancer

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Dr. Robert J. Cameron, who pastored Mount Carmel Church , in Somerset, NJ, for 31 years until his recent retirement, will address: "A Pastor's Journey With Colon Cancer".

African Americans are about 34 percent more likely to die of cancer than are whites and more than two times more likely to die of cancer than are Asian or Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and Hispanics. African American men have the highest death rates of colon and rectum, lung, and prostate cancers (source: Landis, S.H.; Murray, T.; Bolden, S.; et al. Cancer statistics, 2000. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians 50(1):2398-2424, 2000).

In March of 2009, our guest tonight, Dr. Robert J. Cameron, an African-American, was diagnosed with colon cancer. The cancer then spread to his liver. Praise be to God, the Great Physician, Dr. Cameron has been in remission since November. Tonight we will discuss the journey that God has taken Dr. Cameron on during this life-threatening trial.

Dr. Cameron is author of The Last Pew on the Left: America's Lost Potential. In this book Dr. Cameron took the bold and politically incorrect stance to urge both black and white Christians to repent of the evils of racism, which he sees as a "sin problem", not a "skin problem", that pollutes the hearts of people of all races, ethnicities and socio-economic statuses.

For many years Dr. Cameron also hosted "The Early Morning Worship Hour" broadcast on Family Radio, until the heresies of the founder, Harold Camping, forced him to depart from participation with this network. Until his retirement, in addition to his labors at Mt. Carmel Church, Dr. Cameron sat on the board of Greenville Theological Seminary in SC, and taught on the faculty at the New York School of the Bible in Manhattan for 15 years.


douglas said...

i have listened to pastor cameron for at least 15 years through mt carmel tape ministry, and thereby blessed. i wish him all the best that God wills. i listen almost every day still to the tapes and cd,s i hope my children will inherit them and listen to salvation through Jesus. unfortunately God is in no hurry and my ongoing sanctification has been a journey
but now i am steep in the Word and happy for it. thanks pastor Cameron. God bless you and your house.

ryan said...

I Most definitely agree with the above. I discovered Dr. Cameron on and have really enjoyed listening to his sermons. I only wish there were more of them.

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