Monday, March 8, 2010

Bob Hayton: Reforming Fundamentalism Through Reformed Theology

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Bob Hayton, founder of Fundamentally Reformed , will address the theme: "Reforming Fundamentalism Through Reformed Theology".

Bob is a former Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB), who now embraces Reformed Theology. He blogs to: 1) spread a passion for Jesus Christ, 2) help people harmed by extreme fundamentalism, 3) encite wider reform in fundamentalism & beyond, and 4) defend his theological positions. Bob also operates the "King James Only?" blog spot, the King James Only Research Center web site and other helpful blog spots and web sites.

According to our guest, Bob Hayton, "Often in fundamentalism, doctrine and Biblical exegesis are downplayed, ignored, or avoided. Topical or shallow messages prevail. Church members learn their do’s & don’ts but not what the Bible actually says (the arguments Biblical authors use, the context of favorite proof texts, or Bible doctrines in general). While fundamentalists claim to be standing on the Bible alone, rare is the church that actually opens itself up to Biblical scrutiny. For instance, it is an assumed thing that the Bible will not actually be shown to teach Calvinism, post-tribulational rapture, or covenant theology. So anyone who would espouse one of these positions or another similar position is immediately identified as a heretic and the church never actually carefully reviews what the Bible says on the matter...

"Fundamentalists assume that their practices, standards, and positions are Biblical to the point of reading into the Bible what is not there to support their traditions and viewpoints... while fundamentalists claim to be the stalwart defenders of true doctrine, they are in fact the defenders of old-fashioned (actually late 1800’s early 1900’s) tradition..."

Tune or log into this live, controversial, call-in broadcast and learn how Bob Hayton discovered and made the journey to embrace Reformed Theology, the *truly* old "Old Time Religion".


Bob Hayton said...

Thanks again Chris, for the opportunity to do this interview. I enjoyed interacting with you and your co-host.

Many blessings for you and your ministry.

Bob Hayton

northWord said...

Hi! I'd like to listen to this interview but for some strange reason it's playing in Spanish .. ? (Windows Med Player -also this link comes up in Spanish:
Blessings, and thanks ~

Bob Hayton said...


The first few minutes are in Spanish as a Spanish program airs on the radio show prior to the Iron Sharpens Iron radio program. The link to rcnam does have some Spanish too. But if you download the mp3 using the link in this post, you should be fine. Just wait for the Spanish programming to end and then suffer through a couple minutes of commercials, then the interview runs pretty much without many breaks all the way to the end!

Frank said...

Being reformed and a fundamentalist, I find that Christians in the reform camp are not very strong on taking a stand on essential issues but seem to be more interested in defending disinctly reformed sacred cows (like election, limited atonement, etc.)I find, with few exceptions, anyone willing to take a stand for issues like the virgin birth, or biblical inerrancy which are far weightier issues. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, why can't there be a crossbreeding of reasonable fundamentalism with reform theology, like Free Presbyterians, (of whom I am one). It is unfair to paint the entire fundamentalist movement with a broad brush when unforuneately, there are plenty of fringe elements and obnoxious people to go around in all camps of professedly bible believing Christianity. We need a Christianity that is willing to stand with Christ outside the camp while exemplifying the grace of the doctrines of grace in our personal and ecclesiastical lives. This is how Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego lived and stood. And the stand that they took was a key element in the coversion process of King Nebuchadnezzer, having seen the Son of God in the furnace. Please consider.

Bob Hayton said...

Thanks Frank. I can certainly understand where you are coming from. On this interview I agree that I come across a bit strong, as in part, we only had time to cover some issues and some of my journey.

I certainly advocate reform within fundamentalism. I get asked if the answer for people finding problems with fundamentalism is to bail and run. Not necessarily. I think in some instances that is best, but often change can be made by conscientious people remaining in their churches and working for growth and change. Talking through things and encouraging a gospel-centered, historical approach to ministry where they are.

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