Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jim Handyside:The Power of Corporate Prayer

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Jim Handyside, pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church in Anniesland Glasgow, Scotland, will address the theme: "The Power of Corporate Prayer".

Tonight's theme is also the topic of Pastor Handyside's book "
Melt the Icebergs: A Fresh Look at Prayer". As the Reformed Baptist Church in Anniesland's web site describes it:

The mighty rusting blunted sword lying largely unused in the scabbard of the Evangelical Churches, the forgotten crown jewel in the treasury of our God given resources in fighting the good fight of faith; namely fervent praying, is what prompted the felt need to write this book Melt the Icebergs! It has received wide acclaim from around the world, and while making no extravagant claims to literary excellence, or exceptional theological insight, it nevertheless has sought to approach the subject of the great need for the recovery of dynamic prayer meetings in Evangelical churches, from a novel standpoint. The Reader we trust will find it challenging, thought provoking, and above all eminently Biblical.

The fairly extensive bibliography provided, will help to provide further stimulating reading on the subject of prayer, which should be helpful to the earnest Christian. Numerous encouraging testimonials have been received by the Author, suggesting that the book has been a means under God of re-kindling a genuine interest in this crucially fundamental exercise of the New Testament church. We trust that the principles set forth will glorify God, edify the Church and hasten a God given Revival in our days!

"Pastor Handyside has set out to do what every pastor could wish to have attempted: a book designed to promote real scriptural and heartfelt prayers in the members of the church.. The main lesson in Melt the Icebergs! is that we are all beginners in the school of prayer and that we had better all take a lowly and teachable place if we are to make progress in that vital area of our lives as Christians."-- Maurice Roberts, former editor of The Banner of Truth Magazine, author, conference speaker

"The church in the latter part of the twentieth century is suffering many woes, but none as serious as the weakness she displays in prayer.. Melt the Icebergs! Is a manual on prayer, full of practical instruction and encouragement to every believer who longs for his life and his church to be powerful in the arena of prayer. This book is a must for the church."--
Dr. Richard Belcher, International University, Columbia, SC

Pastor Jim Handyside is one of seven featured speakers at the Reformation Society of Florida's 2010 Conference, March 19-21, titled: "Modern Reformation: Changeless Principles for a Changing World". For details contact Dr. Chris Hatton at (631)793-8613, or (386)492-2218, or at

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