Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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SANDRA TANNER, co-founder with her late husband Jerald of Utah Lighthouse Ministry , will address: "THE CHRISTIAN TESTIMONY of BRIGHAM YOUNG's GREAT-GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER".

As Sandra begins her testimony of conversion from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity:

"Since I was born and raised in the Mormon church, and am a great-great-grandchild of Brigham Young, I had very strong ties to the Mormon faith. I was about seventeen before I ever attended another church. As a teenager my life centered around the Mormon church. Because I was active and paying my tithing I thought I was in pretty good standing with God. I knew I sinned but I felt my activity in church would somehow outweigh what I did wrong. I believed (as the Mormons teach) that I was inherently good. I had no fear of God's judgment. Besides the things that were wrong in my own life, I began to have doubts about my church. Could it really be the only true church? Was polygamy really right? Why couldn't the Negro hold the priesthood? Was temple marriage really so important? Why were its rites kept such a secret? Did God actually command Mormons to wear special under-garments? I had many questions going through my mind..."

Today we will hear how Sandra learned the answers to those vital questions, and how she discovered the mercy and grace of the true Jesus Christ of the Bible. We will also be promoting a conference to be held May 29-30 in Draper, Utah, featuring Sandra Tanner and eleven other speakers, in an effort to equip Christians to engage the Mormon culture with "

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