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LATAYNE C. SCOTT, a Mormon convert to Evangelical Christianity, author of 13 published books, Chair of the Department of Biblical Representational Research and Author in Residence at Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, NM and the recipient of the Distinguished Christian Service Award by Pepperdine University for "Creative Christian Writing", will address the theme: "MORMONISM's FIRST BLACK AFRICAN GENERAL AUTHORITY: Can a Cult Overcome its Racist Skeletons?"

Joseph Sitati, a "Mormon superstar" in Kenya, has just been very recently appointed to the "First Quorum of Seventy". He is the first black African to join that body, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's second most important tier of leaders (read the entire Salt Lake Tribune article here). Although, on the surface, it is always refreshing to hear the news of any organization shedding racist beliefs and practices, can the Mormons consistently and logically do so while still believing that their church's founders, who taught racist tenets as the infallible commandments of God, were prophets? Also, is this news something genuine Christians should rejoice over knowing that this development can become an attractive lure to blacks worldwide to join the Mormon cult? These are just two questions to be addressed during this broadcast featuring Latayne Scott.

Latayne also announces that the third edition of her classic work
THE MORMON MIRAGE: A Former Member Looks at the Church Today is NOW IN PRINT!!! In the first edition of The Mormon Mirage, Latayne C. Scott shared her remarkable journey out of Mormonism as she uncovered shocking inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and contradictions in the faith she had loved and lived. Thirty years later, Mormonism and Mormon scholarship have evolved with the times. In her third, revised and updated edition of her well-known book, Scott keeps pace with changes and advances in Mormonism, and reveals formidable new challenges to its claims and teachings. The Mormon Mirage provides fascinating, carefully documented insights into • DNA research’s withering implications for the Book of Mormon • the impact of new “revelations” on Latter-day Saint (LDS) race relations • new findings about Mormon history • increasing publicity about LDS splinter groups, particularly polygamous ones • recent disavowals of long-held doctrines by church leadership • the rise of Mormon apologetics on the Internet

As the publishers very aptly put it, "More than a riveting, insider’s scrutiny of the Mormon faith, this book is a testimony to the trustworthiness of Scripture and the grace of Jesus Christ."

Latayne also announces that her first novel, a murder mystery which takes place in Salt Lake City, UT, titled
THE LATTER DAY CIPHER , is also hot off the press!!!

Chris Arnzen did the narration for this video trailer for Latayne C. Scott's book, Latter-day Cipher(Moody, 2009).

When rebellious Utah socialite Kirsten Young is found murdered in Provo Canyon with strange markings carved into her flesh and a note written in a 19th Century code, questions arise about the old laws of the Mormon Church. Journalist Selonnah Zee is assigned the story—which quickly takes on a life of its own. Even before the first murder is solved several more victims appear, each one more mysterious than the last.

Adding to a slew of other distractions, Selonnah’s cousin, Roger, has recently converted and is now a public spokesperson for the Mormon faith. But paradoxically, Roger's wife Eliza is struggling to hold onto the Mormon beliefs of her childhood. If something is really from God, she wonders, why does it need to be constantly revised? And could the murderer be asking the same questions?

About the Author: Latayne C. Scott is a former Mormon and the author of 12 books including the best-selling The Mormon Mirage. Latayne has been a frequent speaker on national radio and television programs and in seminar settings all over North America. She has been honored by Pepperdine University with its “Distinguished Christian Service Award for Creative Christian Writing.”

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