Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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GORDON TAYLOR, Coordinator for ARBCA ("Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America"), will address the theme: "THE DOCTRINES OF SOVEREIGN GRACE IN SWITZERLAND, FRANCE & ITALY".

Today our guest will give an update on the spread of the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace primarily through the ministries of Pastor Olivier Favre, a national pastor in Payerne, Switzerland, Missionary David Vaughn who labors in Grenoble, France, and Leonardo DeChirico, the pastor of a Reformed Baptist Church in Ferrara, Italy.

The ASSOCIATION OF REFORMED BAPTIST CHURCHES OF AMERICA was founded on March 11, 1997. On that day the first General Assembly met to establish a charter membership of 24 churches from 14 states. Since then they have grown to 60 churches and continue to expand by the providence of God.

Their association is recent, but their churches have been established many years in their communities and share a rich heritage that extends back to the Reformation.

Jesus prayed in John 17 for His disciples to be brought to complete unity so that the world would know that the Father sent Him. The ASSOCIATION OF REFORMED BAPTIST CHURCHES OF AMERICA (ARBCA) is designed to advance Christ's kingdom by providing a fellowship in which churches of common confession may find mutual encouragement, assistance, edification, and counsel, and participate in cooperative efforts such home and foreign missions, ministerial training, and publications, along with other such endeavors deemed appropriate by the Association.

There are many large cities and towns without a Reformed Baptist church. A number of churches are desirous of planting churches in these desperately needy areas. What one church cannot do, many working together can. ARBCA can assist local churches with their church planting efforts. ARBCA can also help churches seeking pastors and pastors seeking churches.

Reformed Baptists have a distinct theology and practice. Because of this, the Association plans to develop its publishing house to meet the printing needs for Christ-centered, church-centered, and covenantally Baptistic literature.

ARBCA can provide an organized forum of godly men, each holding to the same confession of faith, to help churches work through various difficulties together. As needed, it can also serve the interest of individual church members whenever "any member of any church is injured, in or by any proceedings in censures not agreeable to truth and order. . ." (London Baptist Confession, 26:15).

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