Monday, March 30, 2009

KIM RIDDLEBARGER: DO WE NEED ANOTHER REFORMATION? Has Evangelicalism Abandoned its Reformation Heritage? (Encore Presentation)

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KIM RIDDLEBARGER, co-host with Michael Horton, Ken Jones & Rod Rosenbladt on "The White Horse Inn" radio program, which is broadcast weekly on more than fifty radio stations, visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California and senior pastor of Christ Reformed Church (URCNA) in Anaheim, California will address the theme: "DO WE NEED ANOTHER REFORMATION?: Has Evangelicalism Abandoned its Reformation Heritage?

Today, our guest will address how Modern Evangelicalism has largely departed from the Biblical truths for which our Protestant forefathers risked their lives and often endured torture and death. Some main issues to be discussed are the modern church's abandonment of:

-Biblical theology
-Biblical worship
-Biblical preaching
-A Biblical concept of God
-A Biblical concept of man
-A Biblical concept of the church

A fourth generation Californian, Kim is a graduate of California State University Fullerton (B.A.), Simon Greenleaf University (M.A.), Westminster Seminary California (M.A.R.), and Fuller Theological Seminary (Ph.D.) where he worked under Richard A. Muller.

Kim has served as a visiting lecturer in the graduate program in Reformation studies at Concordia University in Irvine, CA, and was the chairman of the Growing Reformed Churches Conference, cosponsored by First Chino URC and Westminster Seminary California, where he served as a member of the board of trustees. Kim also served as executive vice president of Christians United for Reformation (CURE), the forerunner of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE).

Dr. Riddlebarger is an ordained minister in the United Reformed Churches(URCNA), is a regular contributor to publications such as
Modern Reformation and Table Talk and has written chapters for the books Power Religion , Roman Catholicism: Evangelicals Analyze What Unites and What Divides Us , and Christ the Lord ). His first book, A Case For Amillennialism, was published by Baker Books in February 2003. His second book, The Man of Sin was published by Baker in May of 2006.

Today's broadcast will be co-hosted by Drew Eenigenburg, Interim Pastor at
West Sayville Reformed Bible Church (URCNA) on Long Island.

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