Thursday, March 5, 2009


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DAVID WOOD, Evangelical Christian apologist to the Muslims, will address the theme: "MUSLIM & CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS Compared & Contrasted".

David has become fondly known as "Iron Sharpens Iron's Resident Apologist to the Muslims". During this broadcast, he will demonstrate how 3 primary, stark contrasts exist between the way Muslim apologists defend Islam and the way Christian apologists defend the faith of the Old and New Testaments:

  • Muslims must be inconsistent when debating Christians, while Christians can be completely consistent;

  • Muslims must use circular reasoning when debating Christians, while Christians can completely avoid circular reasoning;

  • Muslims have no firm foundation for the Islamic faith, while Christians have a demonstrably firm foundation for Christianity.

David Wood is a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at Fordham University . A former atheist, David converted to Christianity based on the historical evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. David now debates both atheists and Muslims and is co-director of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries, an organization he founded with Nabeel Qureshi, a convert from Islam to Christianity. David also contributes to, which he considers to be the very best resource available anywhere, bar none, to discover and learn the true history and teachings of Islam. He personally operates the blog site

David's ministry comes very highly recommended by frequent "Iron Sharpens Iron" guest, renowned Christian apologist and biblical scholar Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries (see

You can listen to other interviews with David Wood on "Iron Sharpens Iron" on free downloadable MP3 format by clicking here:


Haecceitas said...

The MP3 file doesn't seem to be there. I only get a file of 1,5 kilobytes when I try to download with right-clicking & saving, and a left-click produces an error.

James Swan said...

I will look into it. Check back on saturday.

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Can't access MP3 files of past interviews.

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