Tuesday, January 6, 2009


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VINCENT SAWYER, pastor of Faith Baptist Church and founder of Faith Bible Institute in Corona, Queens, NY will address the theme: "CAN SALVATION BE LOST?"

The above question has divided professing Christians for centuries. This is a question that not only separates the Church of Rome from historic Reformational Protestant theology, but divides those who today profess to be Evangelical Christians.

Even those Evangelicals who are unified in the belief that true Salvation CANNOT be lost are divided. On the one hand you have Evangelicals who believe in the "Carnal Christian" doctrine which teaches that a genuine, born-again believer in Christ can completely abandon his once professed faith and remain as a pagan (possibly for decades) until death and yet will still enter Heaven. On the other hand you have those who embrace "Lordship Salvation" which teaches that ALL TRUE Christians will bear good fruit and will live lives that, although are tainted with sin, will demonstrate the genuine convert has not utterly surrendered to sin and will remain as a disciple of Christ until death. This latter teaching also warns that although salvation cannot be lost, many who profess to be Christians will tragically be cast into hell because their profession was false all along, no matter how authentic it may have once appeared.

Our guest Vincent Sawyer's beliefs reflect the latter view, and he will seek to prove biblically that Salvation CANNOT be lost. He will also demonstrate how most of the cults and false world religions believe salvation (however they define it) CAN be lost. Those who are genuine Christians whose lives are marked by godliness and obedience and yet who still seem plagued with a fear of losing salvation should be encouraged by listening to this broadcast as we hear how Christ will permit nothing and no one (not even ourselves) to snatch His sheep out of His hand.

Co-hosting this broadcast is Pastor Jim Capo of the Massapequa Church of God on Long Island, NY.

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