Sunday, January 11, 2009


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GABRIEL GROSSI, Reformed Baptist evangelist and author of "Preaching With Biblical Passion" and his new book "Preaching the Gospel Message" delivers this powerful sermon "WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN?"

What is a Christian? How does the Bible define the word Christian? Too many give the word Christian their own definition! This message stresses the importance of letting the Bible explain and define this misunderstood word.

Gabriel Grossi was born and raised in Italy as a Roman Catholic. After coming to the United States in 1958, Mr. Grossi was converted to Christ in 1969. He attended Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia, PA from 1970-1973. He has been actively engaged in lay-preaching since 1979. He was privileged to be intimately involved in a church planting work in Mid-town Manhattan in New York. He has also served in the pastorate for two years. Mr. Grossi is married with two adult sons.

Mr. Grossi is offering his book “Preaching the Gospel Message” for only $8/copy+Shipping. For those who cannot afford to pay he will send the book to them free of charge. The spiral paperback book has 233 pages with 360 footnotes. His other book, Preaching with Biblical Passion is on sale for $10 plus shipping & handling.You can contact him at (973)299-1579 or send him an email at

Visit Mr. Grossi's website: GABRIEL GROSSI "Preaching With Biblical Passion"

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