Friday, December 12, 2008

RODERICK EDWARDS: "HYPER-PRETERISM: A former Advocate of Hymenaeus & Philetus's Heresy Speaks Out!"

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RODERICK EDWARDS, a former Hyper-Preterist, will address the theme: "HYPER-PRETERISM: A former Advocate of Hymenaeus & Philetus's Heresy Speaks Out!".

Our guest Roderick Edwards was a convinced Hyper-Preterist for 15 years, and is an insider of the Hyper-Preterist "movement". Roderick is presently a Reformed Presbyterian adhering to a biblically orthodox eschatology. Listen today to how Hyper-Preterism was previously able to hook him and how he (by the grace of God) broke free of this heresy.

Roderick is also currently a blog partner with recognized expert on Hyper-Preterism Dee Dee Warren, owner of the site

You can view a 9-minute video featuring Roderick explaining the history of the Hyper-Preterist movement here:

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Discover more of Roderick's material denouncing Hyper-Preterism at

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