Friday, October 3, 2008


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DR. ROBERT J. CAMERON, pastor of Mount Carmel Church (OPC), Somerset, NJ, will address: "THE BLACK CHURCH: A CALL TO REFORMATION".

During this very controversial discussion, Dr. Cameron will demonstrate that the Black church at large is heavily permeated by matriarchal leadership, a social gospel and heretical theology, and will challenge his African-American brothers and sisters in Christ to reevaluate their current positions and to become transformed according to the Scriptures.

Dr. Cameron is author of The Last Pew on the Left: America's Lost Potential. The title of Dr. Cameron’s book reflects upon his experiences as an African-American growing up in the Roman Catholic Church in the South, where his family had to sit in the last pew on the left. That insured they were the last ones to receive the chalice of the Mass (after all the white parishioners had partaken). Since then Bob has experienced racism in the military, industry and even running his own trucking business.

After he was converted to Christ in the early 70s (at more than 40 years of age), he was surprised to find the same problem in just about every church—black or white. He sold his business and used the profits to finance his seminary education. After seminary he was the founding pastor of Mt. Carmel Church in Somerset, NJ, which is now and always has been integrated—first as a Reformed Episcopal and later as a Presbyterian fellowship. Dr. Cameron also sits on the Board of Greenville Theological Seminary, and is part of the faculty at the New York School of the Bible.

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