Monday, October 20, 2008

DANIEL WEST: "ONENESS BY DECEPTION, WON BY THE TRINITY: The Testimony of a Former 'Oneness' ('Jesus Only') Pentecostal" PART TWO

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DANIEL WEST, pastor of The Potter's House (Casa del Alfarero), a theologically Reformed assembly in Providence, Rhode Island, and a former member of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), will continue to give his personal testimony of discovering and embracing the true God and Gospel of the Holy Scriptures: "ONENESS BY DECEPTION, WON BY THE TRINITY: The Testimony of a Former 'Oneness' ('Jesus Only') Pentecostal".

Daniel began this interview last week. Part one of his interview can be found here (broadcast 10/16/08)

Here is a letter written by our guest Daniel West to Alpha & Omega Ministries in Phoenix, AZ, founded and directed by well known Reformed Christian theologian, apologist and Bible scholar Dr. James R. White, that will give you a glimpse of today's fascinating discussion:

"Dear AOMIN:

About five years ago, the Sovereign Lord was gracious to me and my family in rescuing us from the grip of the United Pentecostal Church. We were serving as pastors a of new church plant for the UPCI in Providence, RI, when the Lord began to open my eyes and heart to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able to take along with us out of that cult about 15 others. One of the ministries that helped us out and continues play a role in my own personal spiritual development is AOMIN and Dr. White's books. I searched everywhere for biblical PROOF of the doctrine of the Trinity and could not find anyone with answers to my questions until I picked up a copy of "
The Forgotten Trinity". That book helped solidify in my heart and mind the soundness and biblicalness (is that a word?) of the Trinity.

Now, the group of 15 souls that the Lord was gracious to lead out of error into truth has grown to a reformed congregation of 250 people in the heart of the inner city of Providence, RI.

God bless you and AOMIN."

Please keep writing and serving our mighty Lord with the same resolve and strength of courage that are your trademarks.

Daniel West
The Potter's House (Casa del Alfarero)
Providence, RI

Visit the web site of Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries at for resources defending the biblical and historical truths of Christianity and refuting the heresies of "Oneness ('Jesus Only') Pentecostalism" and the aberrant teachings of other cults and world religions denying or distorting the true God and true Gospel of the Holy Scriptures.

To visit the English language version of Pastor West's church web site go to

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