Sunday, September 21, 2008


"I greatly enjoyed the stimulating discussion with Chris Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron. The show is blunt and sharp at the same time, and listeners are always edified and challenged. I know you will appreciate the directness of the questions and the range of subjects addressed." --- Ravi Zacharias, author, apologist, conference speaker

"It is encouraging to know that Chris Arnzen through his IRON SHARPENS IRON show genuinely strives to help listeners take seriously the Bible and its theology. I found Chris to be a capable, engaging and interested host, who tackled the challenging issues."--- Dr. Christopher W. Morgan, Professor of Theology, California Baptist University, and author and editor of numerous books, including "Hell under Fire", "Faith Comes by Hearing", and "Suffering and the Goodness of God"

"Have political and sports talk shows made you a bit dull, lately? Do yourself a favor and tune in to 'IRON SHARPENS IRON.' Through this show, Chris Arnzen addresses vital issues that call for serious discussion, and he does it with a firm belief in the authority of Scripture. The result? A superb program in which edifying, grace-filled, God-glorifying conversation takes place. Here is a talk show that will have a sharpening influence on your life!"--- Steve Burchett, seminar leader, writer, and editorial assistant for Christian Communicators Worldwide (CCW)

"The Lord be praised for leading me to discover the radio program IRON SHARPENS IRON with host Chris Arnzen. As one who deals in apologetics, counter-cult ministry and Comparative Religion I am quite pleased to recommend ISI because of the fine way Arnzen handles the wide variety of hard-hitting and important issues facing the Christian in this time of growing apostasy within evangelicalism. Chris Arnzen is a knowledgeable and gracious host who is not at all afraid to tackle the critical issues facing the Body of Christ today. As a guest IRON SHARPENS IRON is one radio program I always look forward to being on."--- Ken Silva, Pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church, Director of Apprising Ministries

"In this age, in which there is evidence that a new religion has appeared that goes by the name Christian but is actually an innovation unencumbered by biblical discipline, IRON SHARPENS IRON is extremely important. This program calls its listeners back to the Scriptures and to the Christ these writings reveal. There is no greater mission!"--- Dr. Joel Nederhood, Director of Ministries Emeritus, Back to God Ministries International

I am pleased to have known Chris Arnzen for over twenty years and to count him as a friend and an outstanding advocate for the Lord Jesus. His show, IRON SHARPENS IRON, is a refreshing addition to the radio waves, especially in an environment today where there is such compromise regarding the word of God and standing up 'for all the counsel of God'. Chris has also been unwavering in his support and understanding of reaching all the lost, including the lost sheep of the House of Israel. We are grateful that IRON SHARPENS IRON has been a platform where we can get this message out. Keep up the good work, my friend."--- Martin Fromm, Congregational Leader, Beth Yeshua Ministries, Plainview, NY

Chris, with all the brilliant men of God who have given their commendation to IRON SHARPENS IRON I can hardly add anything, except the heartfelt comment that your program is unique. You truly bring Glory to God by presenting guests with an orthodox view of the scriptures, and subjects that impart wisdom to God’s children in application to their day to day lives! I am convinced that this program is a way in which Gods grace and mercy are being demonstrated to the NY metropolitan area. We commend you on the sacrifices you are making on Christ’s behalf. Sue and I will hold you up before the throne of grace, praying that this good work may continue and prosper. Know that one day Jesus will reward your efforts abundantly beyond what you can ask or imagine”.---John B Leuzarder, author of "The Gospel For Children"

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