Saturday, September 20, 2008

From the ISI Archive Vault: "FEDERAL VISION"

MP3 Avaliable Here

Here's an early ISI broadcast that was recorded before we began archiving the show. The recording isn't of the same superior sound quality, but it is audible nonetheless.

The topic of this broadcast was "Federal Vision" theology. It was supposed to be a debate between John Otis and Steve Schlissel. Unfortunately, Steve Schlissel (arguing for Federal Vision theology) was delayed in New York traffic, and arrived for the broadcast at least a half hour late. This gave John Otis an opportunity to outline Federal Vision theology and explain its dangers. Once Steve showed up, the discussion quickly took off.

John Otis explains,

"On the live radio show, 'Iron Sharpening Iron', originating out of New York City, I was scheduled to debate Federal Vision representative Steve Schlissel on various theological issues associated with this viewpoint that I believe to be heretical. Both of us had been on the radio show earlier on separate occasions. There will be a second debate since he was late arriving to this show."

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