Sunday, September 7, 2008

ISI Mailbox

Here is a letter written to ISI guest Dr. Steven Lawson about his recent interview on Iron sharpens Iron (FOUNDATIONS OF GRACE: A Long Line of Godly Men)

Mr. Steven Lawson, I recently read (AOMIN) that you thanked God for Chris Arnzen and his ministry, "Iron Sharpens Iron." You were quoted as follows: "I thank God for Chris Arnzen and his Christ- centered ministry with IRON SHARPENS IRON. Most grateful am I for his unwavering commitment to the absolute truth of Scripture. Here is a rare voice on the radio today. May the Lord set a wide and open door before this vibrant program for all to hear." ---Dr. Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, AL Q. Can you tell me what exactly Mr. Arnzen's unwavering commitment to the absolute truth of scripture is? Q. How did he determine what is the absolute truth of scripture? Who told him? The Scripture? You maybe? Q. Is scripture self authenticating? Q. Since all of us are fallible, could Mr. Arnzen be wrong in his personal interpretation of what he believes the absolute truth of scripture is? Q. I'm sure you would agree that there is only one absolute truth. Is that one truth only found in the RBC? If not, then why don't Protestants worship under one umbrella? Patiently awaiting your answers, Bob

Dr. Steven Lawson Responds:


Thank you for writing. To answer your questions, the truth to which Chris Arnzen is committed may be summarized in the five solas of the Reformation. That is, he is committed to the truth that salvation is (1) by grace alone, (2) through faith alone, (3) in Christ alone, (4) based upon the authority of Scripture alone, which gives (5) glory to God alone. Mr. Arnzen came to this conviction by a plain interpretation of the Scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Thus, God revealed and affirmed this to him. Mr. Arnzen is not wrong in this interpretation of God's Word. This one truth, stated above in five parts, is not found only in the RBC (I am assuming by that you mean Reformed Baptist Church), but wherever God's Word is taught in truth on these non-negotiable issues. All Protestants do worship under this one umbrella regarding these truths of salvation.

Blessings in Christ,

Steven Lawson

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