Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here are some highlights from letters written to Chris Arnzen, host of Iron Sharpens Iron:

Hello Chris,
I wanted to wish u a HAPPY 2 year Anniversity! May God continue to use you to educate his church for His Glory and our Good! In His Grace for His Glory, Rodney


Wow! Great!!! I am downloading your mp3s, listen and grow! Keep up the good work, Brother! Sincerely,Obrad Nikolich Nish, Serbia

THANK YOU for your encouragement! Please keep spreading the word about "Iron Sharpens Iron" in Serbia!

In His grip,

Chris Arnzen

Dear Mr. Arnzen,

Thank you so much for your program. I enjoy getting to listen to your program from the MP3 downloads from your web site. Particularly, I wanted to thank you for having on your program recently a Church of Christ Minister who had been greatly impacted by Reformed theology. As a former long-time member of the Church of Christ who has been radically impacted by Reformed theology, I was greatly encouraged to see that there are others like me out there. I slowly came to accept these tenants over a few years. Oddly enough, I was convinced that the Bible taught unconditional election before I ever came to accept all the rest of the core tenants of historical Protestantism. Due to reading the Bible and works by Saint Augustine, John Calvin, Dr. R. C. Sproul, and Dr. James R. White, I have found what it truly means to trust in God and be completely thankful to God for the whole of my salvation and existence...

...Thanks again for your program, and I hope your program stays on the air for many more years to come and continues to have a positive impact on many others as it has on me.

Vinemont, AL

Dear Brother Paul,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to encourage me through your email! I am delighted that you are being blessed by "Iron Sharpens Iron", in particular my interview with my friend, Church of Christ minister Joel Mark Solliday of Northern Light Church of Christ in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, on the positive influence that Reformed Theology has had upon him and a growing number of others in the Stone/Campbell Restoration Movement. I pray that my program continues to bless you. Please spread the word about the program down there in Alabama.

Are you familiar with Solid Ground Christian Books located in Homewood, Alabama? It is owned and operated by a very dear friend of mine and mentor in the Reformed Faith for over 20 years, and is a veritable treasure-trove of Reformed literature. Their web site is and their toll-free number is 1-866-789-7423. Grace and peace!

In His grip,

Chris Arnzen

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