Sunday, August 17, 2008

Recent ISI Endorsements

Chris Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron is salt in a decomposing culture, and light in a darkening generation. He takes on challenging and relevant topics that force the listener to search the Scriptures, avoid conforming to the world, and be transformed by the renewing of the mind. He delivers on his claim to sharpen our swords! -- Mark Chanski, Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan, Author of Manly Dominion, In a Passive-Purple-Four-Ball World; and Womanly Dominion, More than a Gentle and Quiet Spirit (Calvary Press)

IRON SHARPENS IRON with Chris Arnzen is a tremendous benefit and blessing to Christians and the whole community. I can't commend and recommend it enough." --Pastor Wayne Rogers, Managing Editor of The Counsel of Chalcedon,
Stockbridge, GA

Despite being a Muslim who strongly opposes the theological beliefs that IRON SHARPENS IRON adheres to and sometimes anti-Islamic stance that it takes, I would have to admit that I had a good experience appearing as a guest on the show. I felt very comfortable with the way Chris and his guests have questioned my beliefs. I appreciate the respect that I received and the courteous and considerate way questions have been put forth to me. Many Muslim speakers and apologists might possibly feel intimidated appearing on a Christian radio show, however I can say with confidence to any of these Muslims out there that they shouldn't be worried about doing so with IRON SHARPENS IRON." ---Bassam Zawadi, owner of

“Chris Arnzen is an outstanding talk show host, who does a splendid job contending for the faith through his radio ministry. His interviewing style is clear, honest, warm and Christ-exalting. I trust that only in eternity will he know the extent of the impact and contribution he has made to the cause of Christ.”--- Johnny Farese, Maintainer of the Reformed Baptist Church Directory (

"I believe that Chris Arnzen’ radio program IRON SHARPENS IRON is providing Christians with a very helpful and useful means of keeping people aware of developments on the wider church scene. I commend him for what he is doing and fervently hope that it will continue to be owned of God and that it will prepare people to be like the children of Issachar who were 'men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do' (1Chronicles 12:32)."
---Pastor William Hughes, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Coconut Creek, FL (former pastor of South Glasgow Baptist Church, Glasgow, Scotland)

Thank you for your program IRON SHARPENS IRON. In an evangelical environment that tends to scorn a faith that thinks it is refreshing to listen to guests who know not only what they believe but why they believe it, and can engage the culture in a manner that forces unbelievers to recognize the validity of the Christian Faith. Your program also calls evangelicals to examine their own faith and what they are being fed via other psuedo-christian programs... Since both my interview and my husband, Pastor Bobby's time on the Pastors Roundtable, God has done much for Tulip Reformed Church... Our small "house church" tripled in size the first sunday and almost doubled the following week. All this came about through your program and ministry. And, it is indeed a much needed ministry not only here in New York and Long Island but globally. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly as you serve Him on the airwaves and via the internet."---Nancy Almodovar, Silent Cry Ministries, Tulip Reformed Church, Ridgewood, NY, author of "A Modern Ninety-Five: Questions Today's Evangelicals Need to Answer"

"I have been on WNYG which has for its call sign 'Babylon' several times. Each time I have been gratified to speak the truth into the falsehoods of our generation--to lift up my voice for Zion in Babylon. Chris is a skilled interviewer and invariably has given me the openings I need to say the things that really need to be said. May God continue to bless his labors to buy the truth and sell it not!" ---Dr. Sam Waldron, author, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky, professor of Systematic Theology at Midwest Center for Theological Studies

IRON SHARPENS IRON is like water in a dry & thirsty land; it is a
safehaven, a 'tower' to which a weary radio audience can run for substance &
Truth."---Judy Rogers, Christian recording artist (

"IRON SHARPENS IRON is one of few radio programs that address major biblical issues of the day without compromising truth. Chris Arnzen has just the right touch in hosting it, making the questions and commentary relevant to the listener while simultaneously bringing out the gifts of the scholar being interviewed. I highly recommend it."---Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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