Saturday, August 16, 2008

ISI Mailbox

Here are some highlights from a letter written to Chris Arnzen, host of Iron Sharpens Iron:


I am emailing you from Australia, and would like to thank you for your faithfulness and your commitment to the Word of God as you deliver your radio program Iron Sharpens Iron. I have been a regular listener for 6+ months, first hearing of your program through James R. White blogging that first he was to be your guest. He has appeared several times since then, and he, along with your other guests, has been of tremendous edification and encouragement to me and my wife.

I have emailed the people from 1800 Now Hurt (Dan B.) thanking them for supporting your program and they responded in kind. I was rejoiced today to hear that Tulip Reformed Church has become another sponsor as well.

I do have a question which you may be able to help me in regards to. Is there a reason that your program's MP3s are released often without a description of the show / guests for several days? There are many US programs that I download via podcast, and having only the date of your program with no description makes it difficult when deciding what to listen to as priority with only a short amount of free time available. At the same time, I do appreciate that you make the MP3s available at all, and free of charge.

I must go - but thank you again. You can find me blogging at a new blog I founded with one of the Elders at my church, . I have not spoken with my Co-Blogger, but maybe one day in the future (Lord willing), we could call in international and give you a report on the unfortunate Church situation in Australia, but on a positive note, the life of Reformed men living down-under whom are desperate to be faithful in "preach[ing] the Word" (2 Tim 4:2). God is Sovereign and is still reigning in Australia for His glory.
I understand you're very busy, but would love to hear from you Chris,

Soli Deo Gloria,


Hello Brother Nathan! I am so very thrilled that you and your wife are being richly blessed by "Iron Sharpens Iron" there in Australia! Please keep spreading the word about the program in the "land down-under."

Thank you as well for letting Dan Buttafuoco's law firm know that you appreciate them sponsoring the broadcast. Without Dan's support, the program could not possibly exist. I'm also delighted you share my joy over the recent sponsorship of "Iron Sharpens Iron" by Tulip Reformed Church in Ridgewood, Queens, NY. Pastor Bobby and his wife Nancy Almodovar are very dear saints, and I thank God for them.

I apologize that some of the MP3s posted on my web site,, are not labelled regarding the topic and program description. I hope to make a much greater effort to get all of the appropriate details to my web master on a more timely basis so they can be posted promptly. Your email is a very timely reminder.

I would love to interview you and any leaders of your congregation, as you suggested, for an update on the spiritual and theological climate of Australia. Let's try to bring that plan to fruition very soon.

Please continue to pray for "Iron Sharpens Iron", as it cannot survive without adequate sponsorship. Grace and peace, my brother! I thank our Sovereign Lord for your encouragement.

In His grip,

Chris Arnzen

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