Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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VINCENT SAWYER, pastor of Faith Baptist Church and President of Faith Bible Institute in Corona, Queens, NY, will be joined by Becki Sawyer, Amanda Larson and Chad Williams of “The Witness Team” from Northland Baptist Bible College, Dunbar, Wisconsin will pay "A TRIBUTE TO HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR CORRIE TEN BOOM."

The Ten Boom family were devoted Christians in Holland who dedicated their lives in service to their fellow man. Their home was always an "open house" for anyone in need. Through the decades the Ten Booms were very active in social work in Haarlem, and their faith inspired them to serve the religious community and society at large.

During the Second World War, the Ten Boom home became a refuge, a hiding place, for fugitives and those hunted by the Nazis. By protecting these people, Casper and his daughters, Corrie and Betsie, risked their lives. This non-violent resistance against the Nazi-oppressors was the Ten Booms' way of living out their Christian faith. This faith led them to hide Jews, students who refused to cooperate with the Nazis, and members of the Dutch underground resistance movement.

On February 28, 1944, this family was betrayed and the Gestapo (the Nazi secret police) raided their home. The Gestapo set a trap and waited throughout the day, seizing everyone who came to the house. By evening about 30 people had been taken into custody! Casper, Corrie and Betsie were all arrested. Corrie’s brother Willem, sister Nollie, and nephew Peter were at the house that day, and were also taken to prison.

Four Ten Booms gave their lives for this family’s commitment, but Corrie came home from the death camp. She realized her life was a gift from God, and she needed to share what she and Betsy had learned in Ravensbruck: "There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still" and "God will give us the love to be able to forgive our enemies." At age 53, Corrie began a world-wide ministry which took her into more than 60 countries in the next 33 years! She testified to God’s love and encouraged all she met with the message that "Jesus is Victor." Corrie's story is recounted in her books THE HIDING PLACE and TRAMP FOR THE LORD. The story of "The Hiding Place" was also released as a motion picture in 1975 .

“The Witness Team” presents “Our Hiding Place,” a drama depicting Corrie & Betsy Ten Boom’s experience in the Nazi concentration camp. This drama is performed by Becki Sawyer and Amanda Larson. The Team Leader & Preacher is Chad Williams. The Witness Team is on a ten-week tour of the East coast, ministering in churches nightly. The team—which is made up of four young men and five young ladies—performs sacred music and dramas.

This program will also feature a discussion with Pastor Vincent Sawyer answering the question: “Why has the Jewish race been the object of attack throughout history?”

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