Sunday, May 4, 2008

ISI Mailbox

Here is a letter written to Chris Arnzen, host of Iron Sharpens Iron, and his response.

Mr. Chris Arnzen, I caught you!!...NOW What Am I to do???? I had heard of Iron Sharpens Iron many months ago on James White's blog and I may have listened to one...I don't recall. However, about the first week in Dec 2007, I became interested in ISI and downloaded all of the hosted MP3 files from 18 Jul 07 to present. I began listening to them in chronological order in Dec 08 and on 4 Apr 08 I caught up to the current broadcast. My commute time to work is only about 10 minutes...not practical for listening to an ISI broadcast. So, I mostly listened to the broadcast MP3 files while on the treadmill. They were exactly one hour long and that fit my scheduled walking time exactly. What happened though is that I became so interested in the ISI broadcasts that I began fitting in more treadmill sessions just to listen to ISI. The treadmill sessions were "my time" when no one disturbs me. So ISI has not only blessed me spiritually but also physically. ISI has introduced me to issues that I had not focused on before, enticed me to read books that I otherwise would not have read, and stretched my knowledge of theological issues. HOWEVER, I am still a United Methodist Arminian but now with stronger leanings toward Reformed Theology. Keep up the "good works" and who knows some day I may be won over.

Chris Arnzen responds:

Thanks so very much for your encouragement! I need it now more than ever. It would help me enormously if you would visit the web site of Dan Buttafuoco, Esq., of Buttafuoco & Associates, and tell Dan how much the broadcast means to you, and thank him for sponsoring it. Go to and click on the "Contact Us" button, then fill out the windows on the right side of your screen, adding your comments about "Iron Sharpens Iron". It would also be wonderful if you tell others you know who also enjoy the program to do the same!

Please spread the word about "Iron Sharpens Iron" down there in North Carolina. Please keep listening to "Iron Sharpens Iron". Grace & peace!

In His grip,

Chris Arnzen

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