Friday, May 2, 2008

ERIC SVENDSEN: "MARY: Her Role & Status in the New Testament & Roman Catholicism" (PART 1)

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ERIC SVENDSEN, Evangelical apologist, debater, author and director of New Testament Research Ministries , will address the theme of his groundbreaking, 334-page work WHO IS MY MOTHER?: The Role & Status of Mary in the New Testament & Roman Catholicism .

Renowned Biblical Counselor and scholar Dr. Jay Adams said of Eric's masterpiece: "Until this book there has been no definitive response to the many Roman Catholic myths concerning Mary. Here, at last, anyone looking for it may find more than enough help. Arguments, no matter how outlandish, are considered and refuted; every biblical reference is carefully examined and exegeted, and a devastating (but calm) counter-argument is presented. The book is scholarly, but not difficult to read. I highly commend it!"

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