Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TurretinFan: Answering Popular Roman Catholic Arguments Against Sola Scriptura (Part Two)

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"TurretinFan" (a pseudonym used in order to separate his secular career from his apologetics ministry), a contributor to Dr. James R. White's blog on the Alpha & Omega Ministries web site (, will address: "PART 2: Answering Popular Roman Catholic Arguments Against Sola Scriptura".

Sola Scriptura is one of the battle cries of the 16th century Protestant Reformation that is most vociferously opposed as heretical by Roman Catholic apologists. This Latin phrase meaning "Scripture Alone", in reference to the Reformers' protest against the unbiblical and antibiblical teachings of the Roman Catholic Magisterium, declared that Scripture is the *sole* infallible, inerrant authority over the church.

Tonight our guest "TurretinFan" will respond to the most popular Roman Catholic arguments against this vital pillar of the Reformation.


Paul Hoffer said...

It would be truly interesting if he actaully presented an argument that an RC makes as opposed to a made up one

Turretinfan said...

These are actual RC arguments. But, of course, you are free to call in to the show 7-8 pm EDT on May 19 to pose a better argument than the ones we are dismantling.

Paul Hoffer said...

Sorry TF, I tried to find the show in the Akron area so I could listen to it but could not find one. Is there a radio station in Cleveland-Akron-Canton area that carries it so I can listen in the future?

James Smith said...

It would truly be interesting to hear an apologetic that Turretinfan *didn't* feel the need to separate from his secular career by using a pseudonym.

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