Friday, May 13, 2011

John Thornbury: David Brainerd: Pioneer Missionary to the American Indians

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John Thornbury, Baptist historian and author, will address the theme: "David Brainerd: Pioneer Missionary to the American Indians".

"David Brainerd (1718-1747), a missionary to the American Indians, has become one of the most influential missionaries of all time. His personal ministry lasted only three years, but his journal and diary, edited and published by Jonathan Edwards, have inspired countless missionaries over the years to reach thousands, or even millions, of souls across the globe. His life was not an easy one; in fact, he suffered hardships of many kinds. It was for enduring these difficulties in order to further the gospel of Christ that he has gained such respect and had such a far-reaching effect. He life is worthy of study for anyone who desires to have a impact with their life on the growth of the Kingdom of God..." -- Jeremy D. Lantz

John Thornbury's books include "God Sent Revival: The Story of Asahel Nettleton and the Second Great Awakening", "A System of Bible Doctrine", "Five Pioneer Missionaries", "David Brainerd - Pioneer Missionary to the American Indians", "The Doctrine of the Church: A Baptist View", "Help Us to Pray", and "A Pastor in New York: The Life and Times of Spencer Houghton Cone" (see this link).

For 44 years John faithfully served as pastor of the historic Winfield Baptist Church in Pennsylvania (see ), until his very recent retirement and move to Kentucky

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