Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jeffrey D. Johnson: Behind the Bible: An Introduction to Textual Criticism

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Jeffrey D. Johnson, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Conway, Arkansas, will address the theme of his new book "Behind the Bible: An Introduction to Textual Criticism".

Many scholars who reject the inspiration, reliability and inerrancy of the Scriptures, like Bart Ehrman, believe that if God had put forth the effort to inspire the words of the Bible, then he would have surely preserved those words. According to Ehrman, God simply would not have allowed any textual variation to exist in the transmission of the New Testament if He had inspired it in the first place. Tonight our guest, Jeffrey D. Johnson, will demonstrate that one who holds to the highest view of Scripture and its inspiration can look at the very same data and still present a strong, compelling case for the preservation of the text of Scripture over time.

Specifically, Jeffrey will discuss the different reasons for textual variations in the New Testament, including variations brought by time and variations brought by translation. He will also address the objective criteria and subjectivity used in dating ancient manuscripts and the methods of textual criticism, and will provide an overview of the history of the Greek text.

"Jeffrey D. Johnson has provided a helpful and clear discussion of the key issues behind the "whys" and "wherefores" of how we got our New Testament text. In light of the frontal assaults upon the integrity of the text of the New Testament pervasive in our day, it is important for believers to have a knowledge of these matters, and Johnson's work is a useful addition to the introductions available on the subject."
--James R. White, Alpha & Omega Ministries

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