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Jon Cardwell: "Christian Behavior" in modern English, will address the theme of this work by John Bunyan

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Jon Cardwell, Editor of John Bunyan's "Christian Behavior" in modern English, will address the theme of this work by John Bunyan.

John Bunyan was born in Elstow, England, near Bedford, on November 28, 1628. After squandering much of his life away in worldly wantonness, Bunyan was converted to the Christian faith and soon afterward, became an excellent expositor of the Holy Scriptures. During the reign of Charles II, he was imprisoned in November 1660 for the crime of preaching without a license from the state church, a violation of anit-Puritan "Clarendon Code." John Bunyan is considered one of the greatest of the Puritan writers and is most noted for his alegorical classic, THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.

The treatise we are addressing tonight, "Christian Behavior", was written in 1663 during John Bunyan's incarceration in the Bedford prison and it was first published as a pocket edition in 1674 after his release from prison. Noted in his own "Epistle to the Reader," Mr. Bunyan's desire for Christians to have a pocket reader of very practical Christianity is, perhaps, something quite needed for Christians today. Among his contemporaries, and even among those following him, were very devout and pious men of God, who had written "Bodies" of practical divinity or practical Christianity that were hundreds, even thousands, of pages long. This splendid work is concise, yet full of practical, Biblical wisdom. Our edition of this work, as well as the editor's advertisement, come from a three volume collection edited by George Offor, Esq., and entitled, The Whole Works of John Bunyan. George Offor's edition of Bunyan's works was published in Glasgow in 1862.

Our guest ton, Jon Cardwell, has served the Lord as a missionary to the Philippines, as a pastor in California, and as a missionary-pastor in remote "bush" Alaska, to the Aleut people of King Cove and to the Yup'ik people of Scammon Bay. He has been ministering as pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama since January 2009.

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