Friday, April 29, 2011

Jeffrey D. Johnson: The Nature, Purpose, Functions, Worship, Membership, Discipline &; Authority of the Local Church

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Jeffrey D. Johnson, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Conway, Arkansas, will address the theme of his new book "The Church: Why Bother?: The Nature, Purpose, Functions, Worship, Membership, Discipline &; Authority of the Local Church".

Here is what some prominent Christian thinkers are saying about "The Church: Why Bother?":

"This little book of Jeffrey D. Johnson has a loving and exalted view of the church of Jesus Christ, but it is also aware of its tensions and imperfections as congregations having to live in a fallen world under the holy requirements of the Head of the Church. This book will help you to understand the life of the church, its duties and blessings and it will encourage you to give your years to serving and strengthening the people of God."—GEOFF THOMAS
Pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church in Aberystwyth, Wales

"The idea of church membership today is either an assumption that has never been challenged or considered biblically, or else abandoned by new church starts as a useless relic of the past that is irrelevant for churches and Christians now. We can be thankful that there are pastors such as Jeffrey D. Johnson who address this issue from a biblical perspective and demonstrate the importance of meaningful membership in a local church by Christians today."—DON WHITNEY Southern Baptist Seminary

"I am glad to recommend this new book by Jeffry D. Johnson, which confronts such ignorance in a very clear and Biblical manner. The book is titled THE CHURCH, WHY BOTHER— The Nature, Purpose, Functions, Member-ship, Discipline and Authority of the Local Church. Here is a book which every member of every Baptist church (and even some other denominations) need to read and apply to their churches and their lives. The book is very brief and direct and even applicable and necessary, especially for our day. As the title tells us, the book covers almost every aspect of what a church is and what it should and should not be doing, according to the Scriptures. It can be used by the individual pastor or Christian to learn his duty to his church, or it can be the foundation of a series of sermons to enlighten a church in these areas, or it can be used as Sunday School material or in individual classes or Bible studies.

"If readers say they already have such books, I would tell you I do too. But every age is different, as it seems our churches slip further and further away from Biblical truth, in the passing of time, and they lean more and more towards the use of the latest unbiblical methods and thoughts of church ministry and church life. Here is a book which deals even with the modern age in which we live, and the weakness of the church and churches of our day, and without fear the author sets forth Biblical truth as to what the church of our Lord Jesus Christ needs to be today according to Scripture!"—Dr. Richard P. Belcher

Jeffrey D. Johnson graduated from Central Baptist College with a B.S. in Bible and earned his M. Rel. in Biblical Studies and a Th. D. in Systematics from Veritas Theological Seminary. He resides in Conway, Arkansas, with this wife, Letha, and their son, Martyn.

Jeffrey is also the author of "The Fatal Flaw of the Theology Behind Infant Baptism".

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