Saturday, January 15, 2011

T. David Gordon: Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns: How Pop Culture Rewrote the Hymnal

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Refz said...

I'm a Reformed Baptist (or *was* an R.B.) until I opposed Pop Culture Hymnals coming into our church (the *theology* in them was aberrational), and creeping Wesleyanism. Some of us were frozen from the church by either being shunned (others were told not to speak to us) or preached at from the bully pulpit. We, embarrassed, finally left, as I suppose we were expected to do. All of our case against these things were with the elders behind closed doors according to Matt. 18.
We were told that the lyrics were not that important, nor was creeping arminianism not that much of a threat. The reason for the new
praise and worship materials were so that the pastor could woo Calvary Chapel people. Well, now he has them, but not us. Our consciences are intact, though we were bruised by the whole embarrassing affair. It nearly tore our families apart when we told our wives and children that we all had to leave the church. There are still scars, but I wouldn't do anything different, as I believe God expected us to fill the gap, and we did.

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