Thursday, January 6, 2011

Phil Johnson:Legalism & Worldliness

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Phil Johnson, Executive Director of "Grace To You," the radio, television & tape ministry of world-renowned Bible teacher, author & pastor, Dr. John MacArthur, will address the theme: "Legalism & Worldliness".

Co-hosting tonight's program is Pastor Jack Thomas of Massapequa Bible Ministries, Massapequa, Long Island, NY, a faithful cosponsor of the "Iron Sharpens Iron" program.

The terms "Legalism" and "Worldliness" are a part of common speech within Christendom, frequently uttered by individuals spanning the theological spectrum, from right to left. Since what one man views as his liberty another man views as licentiousness, obviously many of us are wrongly understanding and applying these terms. Perhaps all of us are guilty of this misapplication, at least occasionally. Of course, all of us certainly are at times guilty, in some way, of both legalism and worldliness in practice. Tonight Phil Johnson will attempt to bring some clarity to this matter in the light of Holy Scripture.

You can also view a very helpful interview on this subject that Lane Chaplin conducted with Phil Johnson on his "Rightly Divided" podcast here:

Phil Johnson, also maintains "The Spurgeon Archive", the largest collection of Charles Haddon Spurgeon resources on the world wide web, and his blog site,

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