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Larry Vardiman: Global Warming: A Christian Atmospheric Scientist's Response

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Larry Vardiman, Ph.D., author and chairman of the Department of Astro-Geophysics at the Institute for Creation Research’s Graduate Program (see, will address the theme: "Global Warming: A Christian Atmospheric Scientist's Response".

Our co-host tonight is Pastor Jim Capo of the Massapequa Church of God, who also teaches science and math at Grace Christian Academy on Long Island (

According to tonight's guest, Dr. Larry Vardiman, "The global warming issue will not go away. Evidence continues to mount that some type of warming is occurring, maybe temporarily or of longer duration. But, is it caused by man and can anything be done about it?..."

"... I believe it is safe to say that:

Global warming appears to have been occurring for the last 30-50 years.

This warming may only be a short-term fluctuation but could be a longer-term trend.

Evidence is still inconclusive whether man is causing the warming.
No "natural" causes for global warming have been confirmed.

One possible new theory is that galactic cosmic radiation (GCR) modulated by solar activity affects low-level cloud cover and is causing the warming.

"Global warming may affect some parts of our society negatively but would likely benefit others. In fact, the current warming trend may be returning our global climate closer to that prevalent in the Garden of Eden. Compared to climate changes which have occurred in earth history, a temperature rise of a few degrees is a small fluctuation which will not lead to a complete melting of the polar caps or another ice age. Earth has a stable environmental system with many built-in feedback systems to maintain a uniform climate. It was designed by God and has only been dramatically upset by catastrophic events like the Genesis Flood. Catastrophic climate change will occur again in the future, but only by God's intervention in a sudden, violent conflagration of planet Earth in the end times (II Peter 3:1-12)."

Through his ongoing research in atmospheric science and his administrative skills, Dr. Larry Vardiman has contributed much to the field of creation science. He has been involved in shaping lives one student at a time since 1989 as the chairman of the Department of Astro-Geophysics at the Institute for Creation Research’s Graduate Program. He has authored many technical papers and books including overseeing the editing of the book, "Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth."

Much of Dr. Vardiman’s scientific contributions have been in the areas of cloud seeding, ice crystal growth and evolution, the age of the earth’s atmosphere, ice sheet formation during the Ice Age, and catastrophic hurricane formation. Dr. Vardiman has also authored a book discussing creation science from a layperson’s standpoint. Entitled Over the Edge, the book chronicles his more humorous experiences as a tour guide on ICR’s Grand Canyon tours.

Dr. Vardiman’s versatility in conversing in technical terms about creation science and also being able to communicate with the lay person has taken him many places — from the classroom to the great outdoors as a tour guide, to the radio waves on ICR’s program, "Science,sc-ripture and Salvation."

Prior to coming to ICR, Dr. Vardiman taught at Christian Heritage College as a Professor of Natural Sciences from 1982-89 and received the added responsibility of Academic Vice President from 1987-89.

Dr. Vardiman also worked for the United States Air Force as an Officer with the Air Weather Service in the Aerospace Modification Division at Scott Air Force Base. He was part of the Summer Research Program with the Air Force and was appointed to the Air Force Geophysics Lab in Boston, Massachusetts, during the summer of 1985.

While obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Vardiman served as a research assistant at Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science (1970-74) and served as a consulting Meteorologist at Western Scientific Services (1973-). After obtaining his degree, he stayed in Colorado and served as a Consultant to the Colorao Governor’s Advisory Panel on Weather Modification and as Meteorologist for the Breau of Reclamation, Division of Atmospheric Resources Research in Denver, CO (1974-82).

A book by Dr. Vardiman on Global Warming titled "Some Like it Hot" is expected to be released this winter.

Links for Global Warming articles by Dr. Larry Vardiman:

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Thank you for an Un - hyped rational view of global temperature rise.

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