Saturday, October 9, 2010

Steve Camp: Are Theological Debates Antithetical to Christian Love? (Encore)

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Steve Camp, well known Christian recording artist, writer of a Grammy Award-winning song, theologically Reformed Christian apologist, founder of audienceONE Ministries and pastor of Cross Church in Palm City, Florida (see, will address the theme: "Are Theological Debates Antithetical to Christian Love?"

On Saturday, August 28th, Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omage Ministries (see will be debating a Roman Catholic apologist named Christopher A. Ferrara of American Catholic Lawyer's Association (see on the theme: "The Immaculate Conception & Sinlessness of Mary" and on Monday, August 30th, Dr. White will be debating renowned Atheist David Silverman, the Vice President of American Atheists, Inc. (see See the display ads for details at the top of the page at

While most Christians would eagerly support the latter event, many are uneasy, squeamish or even angry about the first, namely, that we should dare risk hurting the feelings of those who profess to be Christian that we believe to be in theological error by conducting such a public event where hard lines of theological difference are drawn. But should Christians be more concerned about offending individuals than they are about offending God with the tolerance of false doctrine?

Listen to Steve Camp explore this very controversial matter tonight!

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