Monday, September 6, 2010

TurretinFan: PART 2: The Debate on the Immaculate Conception & Sinlessness of Mary: One Protestant's Analysis

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"TurretinFan" (a pseudonym used in order to separate his secular career from his apologetics ministry), a contributor to Dr. James R. White's blog on the Alpha & Omega Ministries web site (, returns to our program to address: "PART 2: The Debate on the Immaculate Conception & Sinlessness of Mary: One Protestant's Analysis".

On Saturday, August 28th, Christopher A. Ferrara, an attorney, widely published Catholic author and commentator, and founder, president and chief counsel of American Catholic Lawyer’s Association , participated in a live, public, moderated debate (over 3 hours in length) with Reformed Evangelical Christian apologist Dr. James R. White, co-founder & director of Alpha & Omega Ministries , on the theme: "The Immaculate Conception & Sinlessness of Mary".

Tonight, our guest TurretinFan will provide his analysis of this debate, and will cover topics including:

I. Ineffabilis Deus Lies?II. Ferrara's Attempt to Get Augustine via AquinasIII. Augustine and the Immaculate ConceptionIV. Sanctified in the Womb Does Not Equal Immaculately ConceivedV. Argument from Comparison to John the BaptistVI. Seven Popes Who did not believe in the Immaculate ConceptionYou can read TurretinFan's blog article on the debate here:

One of the arguments repeatedly used by Mr. Ferrara pointed to the early regeneration of John the Baptist, and suggested that Mary must have been given even more of a blessing from God. You can read TurretinFan's blog article addressing this issue here:

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