Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Christopher A. Ferrara: The Church & the Libertarian: A Defense of Catholic Teaching on Man, Economy and State

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Christopher A. Ferrara, an attorney, widely published Catholic author and commentator, and Founder, President and Chief Counsel of American Catholic Lawyer’s Association , will address the theme of his controversial new book: The Church & the Libertarian: A Defense of Catholic Teaching on Man, Economy and State (see

Tonight's interview is intended to be a prelude for a live radio debate between Christopher A. Ferrara and a Christian Libertarian, hopefully to be arranged and announced in the near future.

Professing conservatives and patriots here in America, both Roman Catholics, Protestants and those of other religious backgrounds, are dividing more frequently than ever, it seems, over political ideology and affiliation. Many are finding what they believe to be a much more constitutional, and much more of a common sense approach, to government in the Christian Libertarian movement. Others, like our guest this evening, Chris Ferrara, are very alarmed by this phenomena.

Some of the questions Mr. Ferrara addesses in his new book, primarily intended for Roman Catholic readers, are:

·Has the “free” market ever actually been free?
·Is even Capitalism spinning out of control?
·Is economic liberalism in direct opposition to binding Catholic doctrine on man, economy and state?
·Can a misguided defense of private property actually help destroy private property?
·Do some radical libertarians actually undermine true liberty?
·“Audit the Fed,” “abolish the Fed,” “return to the gold standard,” “nullification” -- real solutions or just more domestic jingoism?
·What about Ron Paul? Tom Woods? The Libertarian revolution?
·How the Supreme Court—right now—could overthrow the tyranny of liberalism and change the course of world history with a few paragraphs in a single opinion.
·Distributism: A serious alternative, or just a lot of cow milking and garden planting?

Chris Ferrara, Esq., was involved in the legal battle for the life of Theresa Schiavo and has won many legal victories for Catholic pro-life advocates at both the trial and appellate level. Mr. Ferrara is the author of four books, numerous pamphlets, and hundreds of articles which have appeared in The Remnant, The Latin Mass magazine, Catholic Family News, Oriens, Christian Order and various other publications.

On an entirely different matter, Chris Ferrara will be debating Evangelical Christian apologist Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries ( this Saturday, August 28th, 6pm, at St. Anthony's High School in South Huntington, Long Island, NY on the theme: "The Immaculate Conception & Sinlessness of Mary". For details call (888)9-JESUS-C or visit and see the display ad at the top of the page.

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