Monday, August 30, 2010


Diane M. said...

I attended this conference and I have to say that something took place that was decidedly unfair.

During the question and answer period, since the audience had many questions for Mr. Ferrara and none for Dr. White (this is the audience's prerogative, all of whom paid $15 to attend and should be free to ask their questions of whom they will), the moderator gave Dr. White the opportunity to rebut every single answer Mr. Ferrara gave, after Mr. Ferrara answered the questions.

And although Dr. White said many objectionable things after Mr. Ferrara replied, at no point was Mr. Ferrara given the opportunity to counter many of Dr. White's egregious statements, leaving Dr. White with the last word (however inaccurate it was) on every single question that the audience addressed to Mr. Ferrara.

This was very unfair and highly irregular in what ought to have been a fair and unbiased debate.

daninkorea said...

Hi Diane,
I don't think it was the moderator's fault that no one had any questions for Dr White.

By the way, that is the standard format for Q&A sections of debates. The question is asked to the speaker who then has 2 minutes to answer the question. The opposing side then has 30 seconds to offer his own thoughts. This is a universally accepted format.

If there had been any questions for Dr White, Mr Ferrara would have had the same opportunity to respond with his own 30 seconds.

May God bless you as you look into His word and His truth, and may He lead you to be satisfied with Himself in Jesus.

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