Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tyler McNabb: Encountering Worldviews: A Guide to Evangelizing World Religions

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Tyler McNabb, Director of Apologetics for Jeremiah Cry Ministries (see, will address the theme of his new book: "Encountering Worldviews: A Guide to Evangelizing World Religions" (see

"Tyler has done the Church Militant a great service in providing an excellent primer on understanding worldviews and defending, as well as advancing, the Faith in our addled, squishy and amoral age." -- Eric Holmberg, Founder, The Apologetics Group

"Encountering Worldviews is a good introduction to presuppositional apologetics. This method is a powerful and biblical manner in which to defend one's faith and this book is a great start for those beginning to study the presuppositional approach." -- Dr. Lawrence E. Bray, President, The North American Reformed Seminary

"If you are interested in a short, practical application of apologetics to various forms of unbelief, which at once recognizes both the Lordship of Christ over all thought and life and the pre-committment of all men in Adam to unrighteously suppress the clearly revealed truth about God, this little book is one you will want to have." -- Anthony Rogers, and
Tyler McNabb is now in the process of filming the first season of Encountering Worldviews documentaries.

JeremiahCry Ministries and Go*Stand*Speak Ministries invite you to see Tyler McNabb join Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries and 7 other featured speakers at the upcoming conference "The Forgotten Power of the Proclamation of the Gospel" in Brooklyn, NY, August 6-8. For more details visit

You can hear James R. White, Jeff Rose, founder of JeremiahCry Ministries (, Pat Necerato, founder of Go-Stand-Speak Ministries ( & Pastor John Reuther of Covenant Baptist Church in Lumberton, NJ ( addressing the theme of the conference on a recent "Iron Sharpens Iron" interview: MP3 Available Here .

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