Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rob Zins: Roman Catholicism: What Evangelicals Need to Know

MP3 Available Here

Rob Zins, founder & director of the apologetics ministry A Christian Witness to Roman Catholics (CWRC), will address the theme: "Roman Catholicism: What Evangelicals Need to Know".

This Fall, from Friday, October 15 through Sunday, October 17, Rob Zins will be joining former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon ( at Sovereign Grace Chapel in Southbridge, MA, for a 3-day conference titled: "Helping Evangelicals Understand Roman Catholicism". For more details visit

CWRC is dedicated to a Christian witness to those involved in the Roman Catholic religion while maintaining a firm witness to the errors of Rome. To this end, CWRC has written, debated, and produced theological information designed to help Christians witness to Catholics and better understand the intricacies of Roman Catholic theology.

Rob Zins has been interviewed on "Iron Sharpens Iron" previously on his book On the Edge of Apostasy: The Evangelical Romance with Rome. You can hear those two earlier interviews on free, downloadable MP3:

December 17, 2007 interview: MP3 Available Here

April 24, 2008 interview: MP3 Available Here


DU said...

This sort of cracks me up when I read that a "former" Catholic priest will inform people about Catholicism. Sounds like: former Christian to inform Muslims about Christianity. Former Clinton administration official to give in depth coverage of blah, blah, blah.

Seriously, do you really think that this individual is objective enough to explain Catholicism?

Elaine said...

Personally, I think Rob Zins is doing everyone a huge FAVOR in exposing romanism for the lying, mind-controlling, adulterous, greedy thing it really is. It is so far AWAY from God and His Truth, it is pathetic. That thing has torn apart more families than any other religion going. It is also permeating and infesting many Protestant faiths, albeit unbeknown to most parishioners themselves. Look at 'the Apostles Creed' -- it is romanist, yet many Protestant congregations chant it in their services. I say, GOOD FOR ROB ZINS. We need more people like him, who will speak out boldly against the lies of romanism. He not only speaks out, but he also proves the cult BIBLICALLY WRONG.

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