Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Harry Kraus: Domesticated Jesus

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Harry Kraus, board-certified surgeon and author, will address the theme of his new book: "Domesticated Jesus".

“I can hear your protests,” says author Harry Kraus, “Jesus Christ cannot be domesticated!

“I’m talking about the way I make myself big. And in the process, I’ve domesticated the Almighty. That sickens me. Shocks me. And it should.
I’ve domesticated the Lord of the universe.”

As the publishers describe Dr. Kraus's new book:

All of us try to domesticate Jesus, too—in little things like doubt, anxiety, or fear about the future. We domesticate him in the way we think about him—letting him into our lives, but only so far, until our control is threatened.

Harry Kraus takes a hard-hitting, soul-searching look at this atrocity that we commit every day—all with the goal of exalting Jesus, finding him as the grand treasure that he is, and challenging all of us to see him more and more in our lives.

In the introduction of Domesticated Jesus, Kraus is quick to explain: “To even associate the name above all other names with a word like 'domesticated' is offensive to the delicate Christian ear,” he acknowledges. “If this offends you, good,” he continues. “It should. I hope that my use of this distasteful title will shock me (and you) into a healthy pondering of just what we’re doing in this life we’ve identified (perhaps too generously) as Christian.”

In Domesticated Jesus, Kraus proposes that in our minds we have created a Jesus who is fenced in, tamed, limited by the controls we set in place. As a result, “Christians” are not living the abundant, free, God-glorifying life that the real Jesus intends. We continually forfeit grace and live in “gospel-debt,” he says.

Guiding readers on a journey of self-discovery, Kraus examines common symptoms that indicate we are making Jesus small—like plastic smiles, guilt, worry and anger. Incorporating his skills as a fiction writer, Kraus sets his lessons in the context of a story. With characters caught in conflict, the points come to life as the story unfolds. Through simple and highly effective character development, readers will see themselves with all the layers pulled back. Kraus further illustrates his points with true illustrations from his experiences as a medical doctor and a missionary. Each chapter ends with a spiritual “prescription” of Bible passages to treat the diagnosed condition.

A board-certified surgeon, Dr. Harry Kraus says that some of his greatest writing ideas hit when he has a scalpel in his hand. He is author of eleven novels and two previous non-fiction titles with total sales of 250,000. A mission doctor in East Africa, he is currently on furlough in the US where he works as a general surgeon in Lexington, Virginia.

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