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Alan R. Pontier: Biblical Ecumenism & Reformed Premillennialist: An Oxymoron???"

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Alan R. Pontier, Evangelist & Church Planter at Big Bear Valley Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Big Bear City, CA (see, will address these themes:

Part 1: "Biblical Ecumenism: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Extreme Separatism & the Modern Ecumenical Movement"

Part 2: "Reformed Premillennialist: An Oxymoron???"

Alan. R. Pontier originally came from a Christian Reformed Church (CRC) background. When his family moved to New Jersey they eventually became members of the Bible Presbyterian Church in Collingswood, pastored by Rev. Carl McIntire.

Alan went to Shelton College (1970-74) and Faith Seminary (1974-76). Both of these schools were associated with the Bible Presbyterian Church. He finished M.Div degree at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis (1980), MO and also received a Th.M. degree in Historical Theology from Covenant Seminary (1984).

Alan was ordained in 1977, and in 1986 entered into the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) denomination. He became pastor of Beverly Orthodox Presbyterian Church in East Los Angeles, CA in 1988, and remained there for 15 years.

Alan was called as an Evangelist (Church Planter) to Big Bear Valley Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Big Bear City, CA in 2006.

Alan and his wife Mary Lynn have three daughters (two of which are getting married this summer).

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