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Bruce A. Little: Francis Schaeffer: A Mind & Heart for God

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Bruce A. Little, Professor of Philosophy & Director of the L. Rush Bush Center for Faith & Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC (, will address the theme: "Francis Schaeffer: A Mind & Heart for God".

May marks the month that Francis A. Schaeffer, world renowned American Evangelical theologian, philosopher & pastor, went home to be with Christ for eternity in Glory (May 15, 1984). As Udo Middleman, President of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation, describes him:

"The unique contribution of Dr. Francis Schaeffer on a whole generation was the ability to communicate the truth of historic Biblical Christianity in a way that combined intellectual integrity with practical, loving care. This grew out of his extensive understanding of the Bible from a deep commitment to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and a critical study of the world of man. These two pillars supported his inquisitive and analytical mind on the solid reality of the truth of God's creation and of his revelation. He understood the roots of modern thinking in its rejection of reality and rationality and pointed out the logical conclusions in a wide range of disciplines and in society...

"The central thrust of Dr. Schaeffer's teaching is that Biblical Christianity is the truth about the real world. The only reason to be a Christian is an acknowledgment of what is objectively true about human beings, the real world and the basic human predicaments. The Bible is true in all that it affirms. This emphasis is not so much the summary of academic instructions or doctrinal positions. It is the result of a searching mind, of being exposed to human history, the European culture and art, and of in-depth discussions with knowledgeable people for a lifetime of study, observation and work..."

Tonight's theme, "
Francis Schaeffer: A Mind & Heart for God", is also the title of a new book edited by our guest, Bruce A. Little. The book features the written addresses originally given on November 7 & 8, 2008, at the first ever conference about Schaeffer's significance in engaging culture, by those who knew him (see These addresses are:

1. Francis A. Schaeffer: The Man (Udo Middelmann, President of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation)

2. Francis Schaeffer: His Apologetics (Jerram Barrs, Resident Scholar of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute, Covenant Theological Seminary)

3. Francis Schaeffer in the Twenty-First Century (Ranald Macaulay, Founder of Christian Heritage, Cambridge)

4. Francis Schaeffer: His Legacy and His Influence on Evangelicalism (Jerram Barrs, Resident Scholar of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute)

5. Sentimentality: Significance for Apologetics (Dick Keyes, Director of L’Abri Fellowship of Massachusetts)

As the publishers so aptly put it, "Schaeffer's contribution to interacting with people where they are is as relevant today, maybe more so, as in his lifetime."

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