Tuesday, May 18, 2010

William Norman Grigg: Arizona's Immigration Law (SB1070): A Christian Libertarian's & Constitutionalist's Response

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William Norman Grigg, award-winning investigative journalist, former Mormon High Priest who converted to Evangelical Christianity, former Senior Editor of The New American magazine and the author of America's Engineered Decline, Global Gun Grab, Freedom on the Altar: The UN's Crusade Against God and Family and The Gospel of Revolt: Feminism vs. the Family (see http://www.willgrigg.com/), will address the theme: "Arizona's Immigration Law (SB1070): A Christian Libertarian's & Constitutionalist's Response".

On Friday, April 23, the Arizona legislature passed SB1070, the toughest measure against illegal immigration in the United States (see
http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070h.pdf). According to SB1070, local police are now authorized to stop and check the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally. According to a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey, 70% of likely voters in Arizona approve of the legislation, while just 23% oppose it.

Although many conservatives, rightly concerned with the dangers Americans face due to rampant illegal alien-related crime, applaud the passing of SB1070, other patriotic Americans believe it is dangerously unconstitutional, and fear this statute has been enacted to further propel our nation into a Police State. This latter group also fears the provisions of the law cannot be executed without violating personal liberty, and questions whether or not it is consistent with well-established, constitutional principles of individual freedom, limited government and federalism. Tonight William Norman Grigg will give one Christian Libertarian's & Constitutionalist's insights regarding this controversy, made even more relevant due to his own Mexican ethnicity.

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Sir Brass said...

I'm sorry, but Mr. Grigg does not understand the law in Arizona (and actually, Mr. Grigg, YES, in Arizona, a valid driver's license DOES count as a valid form of proof of citizenship). Also, the fact that much of the increase in crime we've seen in AZ IS caused in fact by illegal immigrants with the drug trade. Mr. Grigg is incorrect in saying that a valid driver's license is not valid.

The law forbids racial profiling explicitly, and I cannot help but think that Mr. Grigg has sadly been influenced by the libelous slander issued by the mainstream media upon this bill and upon the law enforcement entities of this state, most notably the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. There is a reason our sheriff has been sheriff for 18 years, and why even after being hounded by Eric Holder's ultra-liberal reign as attorney general there has been NO proof of racial profiling or harassment by the MCSO.

Mr. Grigg, you need to come down here and actually investigate this issue, because you obviously have not been exposed to reality. The charges you made in even the opening minutes of your presentation are not mere disagreement but outright incorrect and fallacious.

I'm not saying you're deliberately lying, but I AM saying that you are grossly mistaken, and what we do NOT need right now are people who are on the side of law and liberty to be brainwashed by the filth that liberal politicians and the liberal (read as: mainstream) media are spilling over our VERY constitutionally valid law.

This law does not add to the existing federal law but word for word mirrors it and makes it state law as well. The provisions for lawsuit are to discourage law enforcement organizations under the thumb of liberal city governments (such as the ones in Tuscon and Flagstaff) from willfully ignoring the law.

Also, here's something else for Mr. Grigg to look at: Look up CA Penal Code 834b. California has the same law the AZ has just enacted and is even MORE stringent, yet this is valid law. The problem is the blatant and willfull disregard for law by cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco which show their utter disregard for legality by being openly declared sanctuary cities.

What AZ's law does is, in regard to illegal aliens, make them criminals under the state code just as they already are under the federal code and mandates the enforcement of the law.

This is the truth, and I am deeply saddened that Mr. Grigg does not see this.

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