Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leon Brown: God's Wrath or Redemption

MP3 Available Here

Leon Brown, founder of the Evangelism Team ministry, will address the theme: "God's Wrath or Redemption".

Tonight's theme is also the theme of the upcoming "John 10;16 Conference" scheduled to be held August 4th & 5th, 2010 in New York, NY, where our guest will be speaking with other renown men such as: Michael Horton, James White, Dennis Johnson, Mark Spence, Voddie Baucham and Julius Kim. The conference will officially begin taking registration March 1, 2010, at Leon, as well as the others, hope to make New York an annual stop for a yearly conference. Tonight Leon will also discuss his testimony of being an African American Reformed Baptist.

Leon is a graduate of the University of San Diego with a degree in Communication Studies. He currently attends Westminster Seminary California where he is obtaining an MDiv. He plans to pursue further education in another graduate and post-graduate school where he will obtain degrees in British literature.

Leon is a requested conference speaker, experienced evangelist, and itinerant preacher. He has had articles published in Christian Renewal magazine. He is currently working on publishing in other magazines with topics such as, "Why aren't our Reformed churches more ethnically diverse?" and "Why we don't have the apocrypha in our Bibles." In the Summer of 2010, he plans to resume his current work on the doctrine of baptism, where he desires to publish a book, which answers the question, "If credo-baptism is true, how then should we raise our
children in light of the administration of the covenant of grace in the New Testament."

Leon is currently working on a church plant initiative in the San Diego, CA area (see


DarrinB said...

Is there another MP3 with the interview with Leon Brown? Seems it cuts off in the middle.

James Swan said...

Hi Darrin,

I'm looking into it now. thx.

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